Why I Bought a Kindle (Even Though I Have an iPad)

During the last Amazon Prime Day, I went out of my way to buy a glare-free Kindle. Admittedly this sounded a bit frivolous because I have a perfectly well-working iPad mini I sometimes read from and as someone working to clear my life of clutter, this could potentially be a waste of space and money. However, since I got it, I've been using it every day! I was even encouraged to (finally) get a DC library card so that I could check out e-books! For those of you thinking of getting a Kindle like mine, here are a few things I considered and why I ultimately decided I needed both a Kindle and an iPad mini:

I get distracted easily.

I actually really appreciate the Kindle for its lack of features. When reading on my iPad I would get notifications from Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc. I would be in the middle of a book and every 10 minutes my iPad would go off telling me that so-and-so just liked my photo or something and I would check on it, ultimately leading to a social media dark hole but away from my book. Since my Kindle isn't connected to any of my social media or emails, no notifications, not distractions. Just lots of book reading.

It's a space-saver.

I have a lot of books and I'm constantly struggling with where to put them. I donated quite a few books to libraries and such and yet I still find myself accumulating so much! While I still love the feel of a physical book, I will say how much space I'm saving by not filling up my bookshelves. I live in an apartment with limited space so this just makes more sense as well.

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It was on sale. 

I got the refurbished version of the 6" glare-free Kindle. Factory refurbished electronic products are often more affordable but since I also got this product on Prime Day, I only paid $40 for it (regular price is about $60). I really couldn't resist this sale!

Battery life is amazing!

If I fully charge my iPad's battery, it will get me through for a day if I'm lucky. I charged my Kindle only once in the three weeks I've owned it. One charge lasts for weeks! It's amazing!

Glare-free is amazing for the summer.

I took my iPad with me to read in Hawaii and I barely touched it, not just because I was having too much fun doing other things (though that is true) but because of the glare and I was a bit scared to bring my tech into such hot weather. I don't ever have that problem with my Kindle - I've taken it to the pool with me on the hottest days and I never have trouble seeing the screen! 

Do you have a Kindle or iPad? What are your pros and cons for them?


  1. I read with my iPad but have really been wanting a kindle so it's easier to read outside too-- it seems to overheat pretty quickly when it's hot out and the glare does not make for easy reading. So glad to hear you're enjoying the kindle- I'll have to keep that version in mind!

  2. I totally agree with you that an iPad can be super distracting because of its notifications, i dont have a kindle but would consider getting one in a sale!

    Abigail Alice x

  3. I LOVE how the Kindle is glare-free – that's what keeps me from reading on there than reading on the app with my iPad or iPhone haha. And the battery life is actually so good!

  4. Oh I hear amazing things about the Kindle and you totally confirmed it here for me! Sounds like a great purchase since you have so many books!



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