September 2017 Bucket List

I am so so so excited that it's finally September! I always feel like September is a fresh start in the year - kids are going back to school, summer is ending and the air gets cool and crisp. Fall is my favorite season and September always marks the start of that. 

Here are some of the things I'm excited to cross off my bucket list:
  • Celebrate my birthday: I am officially entering my late twenties this year! I am actually kind of excited to get older in a weird way. I think I've always been an old woman on the inside and my physical age is just starting to catch up to how I've been feeling on the inside. 
  • Go to the H St. Festival: I have been meaning to go to DC neighborhood festivals for years but I never had the time. I'm really going to commit to going to my neighborhood's festival this year! I have no excuse - it's right where I live so why not?
  • Read a "banned" book: Two very contradicting aspects of my personality are the fact that I'm a scaredy-cat rule abider AND I always question authority. A rebellious rule-follower if you've ever seen one. That's why I LOVE reading books that were at some point banned because it's the right amount of rebellion for me haha! 
  • Start knitting: I used to knit all the time and I just stopped for whatever reason. Sweater season is coming right up so I'm planning on knitting myself something nice and perhaps make a few things for Brian and my friends too!

What's on your bucket list this month?


  1. I really loved knitting, but I think I've lost all my skills :/ Though it surely is a pretty cool and relaxing hobby.
    Happy birthday darling! I still can't believe I turned 25 this year, so kind of starting to go into my late twenties as well :D

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the banned book idea. And happy early birthday! xo

  3. Happy early birthday Deb!! What are some books that have been banned? I never even thought about reading any lol!


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