Empties (Vol. 4)

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Murad Essence, First Aid Beauty, Maybelline Mascara, Bumble and Bumble surf spray, Sarah's Sweet Scrubs

I think one of the weirdest things I do as a blogger is hoard all of the containers of products I've emptied so that I can use them in a photoshoot and review them all later. Some of these products have been empty for months and I just had to keep them around the house. I am hoping other bloggers can relate...

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Murad Essence, First Aid Beauty, Maybelline Mascara, Bumble and Bumble surf spray, Sarah's Sweet Scrubs

In any case, here are the products I've managed to use up lately: 
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream with Vanilla Citron: You know I love my First Aid Beauty products and this one came in a pack at Sephora (two for $20!). I decided to open up the Vanilla Citron scented one and was pleasantly surprised that the scent was not overwhelming. I have a very sensitive nose so I tend not to like scented products but this one is not strong at all and I noticed the smell goes away after an hour or so (or maybe I go nose-blind to it? I'm not sure). I will most definitely repurchase. 
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara: I really liked this mascara - it separates and lengthens my lashes like no other, and since I got this in the waterproof formula, it will hold my stubborn Asian lashes' curl like no other! I previously had purchased the pink packaging version of this mascara and I wanted to try both. I do like both and I don't see a HUGE difference in formula so I do recommend both if you have short sparse lashes like I do. Since I've been using these mascaras for the last few months though, I did want a change of pace so I recently got the L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara but if I had gotten another tube of the Maybelline, I would have been fine. 
  • Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: I've been using this texturizing spray for years and I am addicted! I love it so much and it gave me that "just got back from the beach" feel in my hair. It was perfect this Summer (and part of Autumn). I think once the weather gets warm again I will head straight to Sephora to get another bottle. 
  • Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence: In the past, I raved about this essence! I have very dry skin and this moisturized (and retained moisture) like no other! I will say this was quite a splurge though because it is almost $80 a pop. I will say, though, that a little of this goes a long way so it took me almost a year to use this all up so I definitely got my money's worth. I have found other essences that do almost as good a job but for a much more affordable price so I may try some of those out before I think about repurchasing this essence. I will say, I do recommend it for my dry-skinned beauties if you guys want to make this a splurge item you want to buy. It's seriously life-changing and amazing!
  • Sarah's Sweet Scrubs Hawaii Bug Spray: So I have kind of a cute story about this brand. Two years ago, my boyfriend went to Hawaii with his family and bought a lotion bar from her stand at a market and brought it back for me as a souvenir. I LOVED it and I tagged her Instagram. She responded to me and we finally met up last  summer when I visited Kauai and bought this AWESOME bug spray from her. It kept all the bugs off while I was sitting outside which is big for me because when I get bug bites they usually swell to twice the size. It also smelled amazing - you don't get that awful chemical smell you do with most other bug sprays. All of her products are organic and ethically sourced. You should absolutely check out her website and order her products because every single thing I've bought from her has been fantastic. This is not an affiliate link - I honestly really love her product. 

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  1. I really like the LashSenssational too! It makes my lashes so long.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. I love the Surf Spray! It's perfect for giving my fine hair a bit of texture so that I can curl it!

  3. I've heard great things about the First Aid Beauty line but I haven't had a chance to try it myself yet!

  4. The First Aid Beauty cream sounds great, I like subtle scents so I would probably enjoy it! Not sure the brand is available in the UK though. The Lash Sensational is also a mascara I really like, it does separate the lashes so well!

    Julia x
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  5. I have never heard of first aid beauty before I need to check it out

  6. I always love reading these posts! I wish Murad products could be even just a little bit less expensive- so many products I've really loved, but the price usually keeps me from repurchasing too. Though it does make it easier when you know it will last you a long time. The bug spray sounds so nice, and such a cool way to connect with the owner online, and then in person!

  7. I like that surf spray too! I use it in the summer - it works wonders!

  8. Ooh that Murad essence sounds AMAZING and like exactly what I need but now i'm dying to know what your affordable alternatives are!!


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