November 2017 Bucket List

Happy Halloween guys! I can't believe October has flown by already. I probably sound like a broken record but I can't believe how quickly the month goes. I've been especially excited for November because of Thanksgiving (which happens to be my favorite holiday) and I'm eager to delve into my bucket list for the month

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving - obviously going to be the first on my list because it's the main reason I look forward to the month itself! My family's tradition is to make dumplings together and this year is no exception. 
  • Finish holiday shopping - I have quite the list of people I need to shop for this year and I am fully expecting to take advantage of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
  • Celebrate Friendsgiving - My friend has been trying to coordinate a good time for a bunch of us to get together for months so this is the year we're going to actually make this happen! 
  • Drink a fall beverage - I'm not one for pumpkin spice anything (I know, I'm the worst), but I do like Starbucks' salted caramel mocha that I haven't had this season yet! I've been waiting for the weather to feel more fall-like and now that it's starting to, this will be the first to be crossed off my list.

What are some things on your bucket list?


  1. We have some things in common :)
    Visit me back! ♥

  2. Can't believe it's already time to start holiday shopping LOL. The year's flown by so fast!

  3. Adding all of these to my bucket list too haha. I always try and get my holiday shopping done before Dec too!

  4. I love reading other people's bucket list for a month or season.
    It's so inspiring.
    And you definetly mentioned some stuff I have to put on my list too :)

  5. Yes to everything on your list, November is a good month!

  6. So many amazing goals! I am sure you can achieve them all!


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