What to Track in Your Bullet Journal

Last weekend as I was cleaning my apartment (we still have a few boxes that haven't been put away yet, even though we moved in May!), I found a few of my old bullet journals and planners I've used throughout the years. I talked about my old planners and agendas on Instagram Stories (I even did a flip through!) and some of the things I currently track in the "Habit Tracker" section of my bullet journal. I thought about making a video about this but I'm still setting up my vlogging situation so I figured a blog post about it would be easier for the time being. 

Here are the things I currently track in my Leuchtturm 1917 bullet journal: 
  • Reading: I have a line for days I did at least some amount of reading.
  • Blogging: I like to keep track of how many days per month I have a post out for you guys
  • Running/Workout: It's so satisfying to see the boxes under "days worked out" growing!
  • Water: I am sooooo bad a getting enough water to drink. My mom used to call me a little camel because I don't feel an urge to drink water very often! I am trying to be better at this.
  • Makeup Removal: This almost feels silly but it actually has worked for me - I keep track of days I didn't lazily go to sleep with makeup on. It's s bad but I used to do it a lot more often than I care to admit. Nowadays I've gotten so much better at going through my nightly skincare routine before heading off to bed. 
  • Empty Purse: I mentioned this in a previous post but I'm trying to empty out my bag every night so I can avoid clutter. I'm hoping this will become a habit so I will have a clutter-free purse every day!
  • Instagram: Instagram's new algorithm has taken a lot of the joy out of what used to be my favorite social media channel but I'm trying to be better at posting because it is satisfying when I am able to beat the algorithm! 
  • Blog Comments: I sometimes have too much on my plate and don't have time to comment on some of my favorite blogs. I try to keep track of how much love I'm giving for all the love I'm getting.
  • Quick Tidy: I try to do a quick tidy of some of the common space at night before heading to bed. I hate clutter. 
  • No Red Meat: I recently cut red meat out of my budget (not diet) but it's done wonders for my health as of late. I've been keeping track of this to see how much my health improves with a lack of red meat. 
  • Dish-Free Sink: Similar to the quick tidy track, I like to keep my sink free of dirty dishes!
  • Spend No Money: I love being able to color in this tracker because it means I've saved money!
  • Pinterest: While I love Pinterest, I'm so bad at using it for my blog. I'm trying to keep track of how often I go and create content for it. 
  • Newsletter: I've started my newsletter, you guys! I send one out every Monday (or most Mondays) so I have this section to make sure I'm on track (no pun intended :P)

What are some things you track in your bullet journal?


  1. So happy you shared this, I loved seeing your pages on instagram- you have the best writing! It's always fun to see what things people track, I really need to pull my journal out and start using it again.

  2. Dear Deborah, I never thought about to track what I do in that way but it makes so much sense to me! Thanks a lot - and I see you are such a hard working girl!
    Enjoy the weekend!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. This is such actually an amazing concept to do. I could relate to everything you're trying to keep track of. Have a great weekend ahead!

    Joy to the World

  4. Great idea but I think I would need a tracker to keep up with my tracking, i am so bad with stuff like this. I am glad it is working for you.

    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion

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  5. I love bullet journaling!
    And the habit tracker is my favorite tool, it's extremly honestbut in the same time you REALLY she what you've done.

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

  6. I'm a fan of bullet journaling! I think I might use some of your ideas to track for myself as well!


  7. have not tried this but it is surely interesting!!
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  8. Wow you are so organized! I wish I could track all of these things and really look back and see my progress on certain things. This is awesome and thanks for sharing!


  9. I love this idea for tracking all of the blog related things. It's incredible how much extra stuff there is that goes along with blogging! It's been quite hectic here but I'm trying to get into a routine so I can spend less time writing posts and more time reading everyone else's great blogs! :) Definitely a work in progress - i should start tracking it like this! :)

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend! We have the sun back again after a pretty rainy week which is nice! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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