What NOT to Wear on a Flight

Travel season is upon ups! November and December are peak travel times due to the holidays so I figured now is a good time to talk about tips on how to dress while flying. Let's face it: air travel isn't always the most fun experience. There are long TSA lines, the dry recycled air, and the tight spaces that make for a less than enjoyable time. I'm here to help you figure out what NOT to wear so that your clothing can be one less thing to worry about during the stressful travel season.

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  • Uncomfortable or complicated shoes: This sounds like kind of a no-brainer but every time I'm at the airport, there's always that one person struggling with their shoes and holding up the entire security line. Easy slip-on sneakers can make it easier for you to sprint to your terminal and NOT have everyone in the security line stare daggers at you for taking so long to take your shoes off. Besides, it lets your feet  be comfortable on the plane. 
  • Perfume: As someone who has an incredibly sensitive nose, PLEASE don't wear strong perfumes or heavy scents on a plane. It's just etiquette - you don't know how your perfume is going to affect those in the seats around you. 
  • Contact lenses: The air in the plane is so dry and as a contact lens wearer myself, I always feel them drying out while airborne. I read that usually there's only about 10% humidity on a plane because they recycle the air so it's just not worth it to wear my contacts while flying and be uncomfortable the entire time - especially when it's an extra long flight and I end up falling asleep with them in my eyes. Not a great feeling. 
  • Restrictive tight clothes: Ever since I heard about deep vein thrombosis I always make sure I wear comfortable clothing that breathes. No more ultra-skinny jeans while flying for this girl! 
  • Bra: during my trip to Hawaii I wore a bralette instead of an underwire bra while traveling. I now can't recommend doing this enough! It makes your travel time more comfortable and it will give you a kind of freedom that I just can't describe.

What are some of your tips on what not to wear when flying?


  1. This is a very smart post, I've never seen one similar before! I never thought about wearing a bralette instead of a bra, but it's awesome and you must feel ten times more comfortable - I'll try it next time I travel, thanks for the tip!

    Julia x
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  2. Contacts are the worst while flying! I usually wear my glasses during the flight and switch to contacts near the end or once I arrive at the airport!

  3. You're so right about contacts, but I cannot function without them in my eyes so I have to keep them in until I decide to nap! My prescription is too high so my glasses are like "emergency only", haha. I didn't realize the humidity was pegged around 10%, that is so low, oh my goodness. Makes sense, my dad used to be a flight attendant and between the cabin air and constant hand washing his hands were always so dry and cracked.

    Much Love,
    Stephanie Eva <3

    1. I totally get it - I have horrible eyesight too (extremely near-sighted and have astigmatism to boot). I just wear my glasses on a trip because I just find it easier to deal with haha


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