Coffee Chats Vol. 2

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I'm so glad you guys liked my first Coffee Chats post last week so I'm excited to do this again! I actually had a LOT of fun writing it because I just collected some of the stuff that I had bookmarked on my browser and wrote my thoughts on them. So here's another week of some of the things I found interesting: 

ONE || DC Bar Offers Government Shutdown Cocktails
Regardless of whose fault you think the Government Shutdown was, everyone can use a laugh at the names of these cocktails! "Affordable Beer Act" made me chuckle!

TWO || NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in "Ruffle Trim"
I've been wearing this liquid lipstick every day! The last few outfit posts I'm wearing this matte lipstick and it looks amazing! I love how subtle it is (it's perfect for work) without washing me out. I don't know about you but a lot of "nude" lip colors make me look like I'm sick. Not this shade! I recommend this line too - the formula is long-lasting and non-drying.

THREE || 133 People Confront Larry Nassar
This was so powerful to read. Suffice to say, I'm glad that justice was served for Larry Nassar but we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to breaking down a culture and an institution that not only let Nassar get away with his horrible deeds, but also thrive.

FOUR || Stationery Showdow: Which Notebook is Best for Bullet Journaling?
I am a big fan of Amanda Rach Lee's Youtube channel - she is so inspirational when it comes to bullet journaling! She has a new video up where she compares a bunch of different dotted journals and lists pros and cons of each. You should watch it if you're into bullet journaling like I am.

FIVE || High Rise Classic Wash Jeans on Sale at J.Crew Factory
I recently fell and scraped my knee on some ice on the sidewalk, thereby ripping one of my favorite jeans. I decided I wanted to try a pair of high waisted jeans for a change to break up my sea of mid-rise jeans. Lucky for me, J.Crew Factory is having a sale on these awesome jeans! For reference, I am 5'3 and I bought them in a size 24 - no tailoring required (which is big for me because I'm quite petite!) These are now my  new favorite jeans and you will be seeing them a lot on this blog going forth!

SIX || Pachinko
I am nearly done reading this beautifully written book and I'm kind of getting sad that it's ending (does anyone else get that way about a really good book or am I crazy?) Maybe it's because I'm Korean and my parents are also immigrants (though not to Japan, obviously) so this story hit really close to home in a lot of ways. I will be doing a more in-depth review later but I really recommend this book!

SEVEN || Target x Who What Wear Grosgrain Knit Dress
How cute is this dress? I had a coupon at Target and I decided to order it. I can see it becoming a staple in my winter work wardrobe! The asymmetrical hem really adds a lot of interest!

EIGHT || Spicy Peanut Tofu Stir Fry
I made this recipe this week and it was a hit with me and Brian! It's super healthy and delicious. I've been trying to eat more tofu lately and this is an excellent way to incorporate that into my diet.

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  1. Love The Who what wear dress! One of the best lines at Target!


  2. The Lary Nassar trial I haven't read too many details of but it is jaw dropping the snippets I've heard about, and I think it's good he was stopped.

    On a more frivolous and fun note (as we all need some levity in the world!) I love the names of those cocktails, how fun! It's interested me that a government can shut down, I don't know of that happening here, but I know it happens now and then in the US and I'm a bit amazed by that!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! Our weekend started early with a day off yesterday for Australia day. Good way to end the week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I’m loving that WWW dress. It is such a style.

    The Nassar case was just so devasting, mainly because so many systems failed these women. I know justice is being served, but if he got beaten in prison a few times I wouldn’t bother how I slept at night. It was an extremely abhortant abuse of power and goes against everything a physician should stand for.

  4. This is so interesting. I love how you talk about things you love whilst enjoying a good cup. I'm also a big lover of coffee and I wouldn't talking about anything while enjoying it.
    This inspires me to start a new segment on my blog but I'm quite lazy in following a segment so nah ahhaa

    love lots,

  5. the women who confronted larry are seriously so powerful. I've been avoiding reading their statements because i feel like i would just start crying at how disrespectfully they were treated.

  6. Tofu stir fry is the best!!! Tofu is as been my favourite lately.


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