Why I Got Rid of My Keurig

Last week I wrote a post on how I managed to ween myself off of drinking way too much coffee in a day. You guys seemed to really enjoy that post so today i wanted to share another (somewhat) controversial thing I did as a coffee-addict and why I did it: I got rid of my Keurig. 

It happened when I moved from my old apartment to my current apartment (this was back in April of 2017). I had the choice to bring my Keurig and my reusable K-Cup but Brian showed me the way he had been brewing his coffee - He fills a plastic coffee filter with coffee and pours hot water over it into a mug. Old school? Yes. Have I converted? Absolutely! Here are three reasons why: 

Coffee-making time forces me to slow down

While the problem with this more traditional way of brewing coffee is that it's a slower process (you have to wait for the water to boil, you have get a paper filter to put over the plastic filter, you have to put the coffee grounds in, you have to pour the water over, etc), so I was turned off by the idea at first. My Keurig could make sure that I had a cup of coffee in my hands in less than 5 minutes, so why would I trade that for a slower process? 

Well, Brian showed me the error of my ways. Whenever he would brew a coffee for us, he took his time and used the water boiling wait to read his newspaper with a throw around him and watch the sunrise (#earlyrisers). I really liked that - it was our own form of hygge if you will. I realized I needed that small bit of time in the morning to just slow down and take in the moment without being on my phone and being in "work" mode. 

Keurigs aren't always cost-effective

On a more financially practical note, I realized that having a Keurig was actually more expensive for me in the long-run. Even though I had my reusable K-Cup filter, I ended up buying K-Cups from the store a lot more often...purely out of laziness. I cut out Starbucks out of my budget so Keurigs are a cheaper alternative if you're constantly buying from Starbucks. However according to this article, if you're like me and brew coffee at home yourself, a Keurig will actually increase your yearly coffee bill. Add to that, I don't drink coffee at home that often because I end up having my one coffee a day (if that now) at work and the only times I really drink coffee at home are on the weekends, a Keurig is kind of an impractical item. 

It tastes better

I actually like the taste of coffee that has been filtered by hand over a K-Cup coffee. I never thought I'd say that, yet here I am! This is obviously a purely personal opinion but I like that I can control how strong my coffee will be. 

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Are you a Keurig person, a hand filter person, or something else? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I don't drink coffee (I'm a tea drinker) - I don't own a Keurig since K-Cups for tea are SO expensive. However- my former roommate had one and it was sooooo easy to use it for my hot tea water!!! I miss it just for that lol!

    xoxo A

  2. We’ve always used a keurig! But I agree they can get costly especially buying the coffee pods.

  3. My hubby is the coffee drinker around here and we use a keurig because it's easy haha but I know it's not the most cost effective way.

  4. I am the same as Annaliese, I don't drink too much coffee as I prefer tea. K-cups teas don't taste as good as the fresh herb and dried tea ones that Teavana use to sell-in my opinion.

  5. Interesting take! I'm 100% Team Keurig! I got one in college after having roommates that would never clean the coffee maker after using + I was so frustrated with cleaning up after them, making coffee, and then cleaning again. Keurig just makes everything so much easier!

  6. This is funny cause I keep telling my bf to get a Keurig but he keeps saying how expensive it is to keep up with. He prefers the hand brewed coffee as well. I just want an espresso machine cause I want to make a latte. Now we are trying to find a machine that does both heheh


  7. I totally agree with these! I got rid of mine since they only make 1 cup at a time which is a pain when I work from home.

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  8. i love that the main reason is because you want to slow down! that's actually such a great and practical reason <3

  9. I love that slowing down was one of your reasons to get rid of it! For me, the coffee just always tasted SO watered down!

  10. If I had more time I would do this- I'm always running out the door at 6:20 to get to work!

  11. I think it's great that you were able to slow down and enjoy the process more. I don't use a Keurig but I do use a Nespresso (which is super similar)...I don't mind when I make coffee using my Nespresso but I spend WAY too much money on coffee from coffee shops. I need to cut that back!

  12. I've never used a Keurig but I used to have a similar brand when I was living with my parents. Now that I've moved out I didn't buy one for me, even if I thought about that for a long time. This way I am drinking way less coffee (which is good) and saving money as I love to try different types of capsules every time I was placing an order.

  13. I also got rid of my Kuerig too. I just didn’t use it often enough and if you don’t clean it often enough you can sick. Plus I can’t drink caffeine anymore and Kuerig just doesn’t sell a lot of decaf or good tea options.

    The tea diffuser mug you got my for Xmas was the best gift because it’s basically all I use now!

  14. I'm toying with it! I love the freshness of just brewed coffee but the Keurig is so easy!


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