Coffee Chats Vol. 3

This may sound kind of dumb but getting that perfect/effortless "tuck" of your shirt can be tricky. Miss Louie has a great tutorial on how to tuck in your shirt in a really fashionable way. I highly recommend you check it out! 

TWO || The Skincare Con
This article had me fuming. I feel like it's essentially a new way of saying that women only wear makeup to impress men which is so untrue. I practice good skincare because my skin is a part of my body and I like taking care of my body for myself, thank you. When my body feels good and healthy, I feel good and healthy. Plus, clearly this writer has never dealt with eczema. That shit is painful! What do you think of her article?

THREE || Cupshe 'In the Forest' Swimsuit
How freaking adorable is this swimsuit from Cupshe?? The monstera leaf print is darling. I know it's still wintertime but I have my eyes on this swimsuit for pool days on my rooftop!

FOUR || Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden
I recently started this book and I feel like crying after every chapter! Regardless of your politics, I think most people can agree that Biden is not your average politician and he knows a thing or two about heartbreak. Imagine outliving not one but two of your children? I've met him before and he is just as personable and kind in real life as he seems on television. Even if you don't agree with his politics, I think everyone can get something out of his book.

FIVE || Reality Steve - 'What is Going On?'
(THE BACHELOR SPOILER WARNING) I don't know if you guys follow Reality Steve or not but he recently had a bombshell piece of gossip about who Arie ends up with! I personally like spoilers, only because I like watching the journey of getting to the end more than I like the end itself, but that's just me.

SIX || Bahn Mi Bowl with Sticky Tofu
I'm on a tofu-eating kick and I found this amazing recipe! It's SUPER easy to make and it doesn't take long at all! Plus, it's very healthy. Win-win-win!

SEVEN || Hype Type App
A couple people reached out on Instagram to ask how I do those animated texts when I announce a new post on Instagram Stories. I don't know how other bloggers do it but I use Hype Type! It's free to download and it's a small fee to get rid of their logo ($2.99) Some people find it worth it, others don't but just a little tip for those looking to up their Instagram game.

EIGHT || Classy Ways to End a Bad Date Going Nowhere
Valentine's Day is coming up and it reminded me of an article for all my single friends going on dates with that Tinder cutie! Sometimes our dates are more frog than Prince and not all of us are confrontational by nature (or sometimes we don't know our dates well enough to know if they're mentally stable to handle being told we're not interested) so we do the polite dance around and avoid saying 'no' directly. For those of you in that boat, here are a few ways to let him down easy. 


  1. I used to read Reality Steve's spoilers all the time, back when I was into The Bachelor/Bachelortte.

  2. I LOVE Reality Steve! His podcast is one of my favorites and it's on my bucket list to go to his fan appreciation party in Vegas someday!! :)

    xoxo A

  3. I needed #1! I was literally struggling with this, this morning and was thinking HOW is this supposed to look Instagram-model-ish without giving me an extra stomach pooch from the extra sweater fabric tucked in the front of my jeans haha!

  4. The tutorial is actually going to be super useful for me, because it seems like I can never tuck in my shirts and tops right! It's almost an art in itself and can change an outfit so much. Thanks for sharing that link!

    Julia x
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  5. Lots of great links here! Good idea about posting about how to tuck in a shirt. It can be tricky for a lot of people. Great tips too even for me! I agree it's never too early to be checking out swimsuits! I am getting really tired of winter so this is perfect for me dreaming about summer!!!


  6. Dear Deborah, many thanks for your links! I agree with your opinion to skincare and I do this for me as I take in general care of my body. Happy weekend!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. ohh i always wanted to read the biden book! I sounds so good! and that bowl sounds delicious!

  8. That coffee and croissant look so good! I probably won't be tucking any shirts in any time soon, but it's definitely tricky so I'm still going to check out that tutorial!

  9. great list of articles to read. I loved the one about classy ways to end a date going nowhere. It can be so hard sometimes!

  10. Great list of articles! I wanna get that book by Joe Biden 🙌🏽 & that last tip for ending a bad date should be useful on this valentine’s
    Ash |

  11. i really do love hype type! and i've been dying to read joe biden's book, definitely once i graduate :)

  12. Great list! Made note to read these later tonight.

  13. I love HypeType! Been using it for a while now!

    xo, L

  14. Love the casual tuck in. I started having to do it out of necessity... anyone else get those tiny holes in EVERY shirt right where your jeans hit??

  15. I need to use Hype Type! I usually do my animated text through Adobe After Effects, a program I learned through my broadcast journalism major in undergraduate. This app seems/looks like it would save me a lot of time.

  16. I would love to read that Joe Biden book! These are such great picks :)

    -xo, Azanique |


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