November Bullet Journal Setup

November Travel Theme Bullet Journal

It’s almost November and you know what that means, right? It’s time for a new bullet journal setup! In November I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling - I’m visiting family in South Korea for about a week and a half. Then I’m off to California for Thanksgiving with Brian’s family. I thought it’d be fitting to make November’s bullet journal spreads with a travel theme!

november bullet journal cover

I’m not going to lie - I got this straight out of Amanda Rach Lee’s June bullet journal spreads. I’m not the best at coming up with doodles to draw myself but I was really inspired by Amanda’s spreads. You’ll see that inspiration throughout my spreads this month! I drew a bunch of doodles with a travel theme such as a globe, an airplane, and a compass. Unlike Amanda’s more brown-sepia toned colors, I used gray. On the road, I don’t think I’ll have access to my colorful pens so covering my base with grayscale colors.


November travel theme bullet journal

I did the regular and standard calendar layout but with doodles of vintage luggages on the side. I like how minimalist and cutesy this calendar turned out.

habit tracker and monthly goals

November travel theme bullet journal habit tracker

I did a similar calendar layout for my habit tracker as I did last month but I made it look like a polaroid to stay on-theme! I drew tape and thumb tacks and push pins on the top to make them look like they were hung up too! I’m so excited to fill this in! My Monthly Goals page is pretty much the same as it ever was. I may change this page out but it’s very functional and I like it.

My guiding word for this month is Explore.

expense tracker and brain dump

November travel theme bullet journal expense tracker and brain dump

I did think about changing up the way I track expenses but I actually really find this way of doing my spread efficient. The one page also makes me want to limit the amount of money I spend so as not to go over so that’s good as well. I don’t see these two pages really changing much but I still want to include them for you.

weekly spread

November travel theme bullet journal weekly spread

Sticking with the theme, I made my weekly spread by incorporating post cards where the dates go! As much as I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different layouts, this is the one that really works well for me so I’m not changing this either anytime soon, BUT I’ll probably be doing more of a to-do list type thing while I’m in Korea and California because I won’t have as much I need to get done. Still, it’s fun to play with the dates and dividers.

itinerary and packing list

November travel theme bullet journal itinerary and packing list

I made a page of the itinerary of my travels (especially flight details) and some of the things we’re planning on doing while there. I also made a packing list page so I can plan what to bring with me for both trips. I haven’t filled them out, mostly because I don’t want to show my flight schedules haha!