October Bucket List

October 2018 Bucket List

I seriously can’t believe we’re already in October because September went by so quickly! October is when real Fall starts and Fall happens to be my favorite season so my bucket list for the month is going to reflect my favorite Fall activities:

Make hot apple cider

Forget pumpkin spice lattes. I don’t like the taste of pumpkins anyway - I am all about apple ciders! Brian and I are planning on visiting an apple orchard this weekend and getting apples to make a big batch of cider with that’ll last us all Autumn!

get decorative pumpkins

Something I can check off my list already, I bought a few mini pumpkins for decorating. I also want to get a slightly bigger one to paint on to have around the house. I love painted pumpkins!

take a fall foliage walk

DC in Autumn is beautiful…for, like, a week. Then it gets cold and rainy. I want to take full advantage of the very brief time we get beautiful foliage with crisp morning air.

make halloween treats

I’m not super big on Halloween, just because I’m not one for costumes. Still, making a few Halloween-themed treats might be fun for a party. I’m thinking of maybe making these witch hat cookies!

What are some things on your October Bucket List?