November 2018 Bucket List


How is it November already?! I seriously can’t believe we now only have two more months left in 2018!

This November (and December for that matter) is going to be a bit hectic for me as I have a lot of travel coming up and it marks the Holiday season. I’ve really prepped my bullet journal for this busy time and I’m hoping that it’ll help me stay organized and on top of all the things I want to cross off of my bucket list this month:

  • Celebrate Thanksgiving

    This is an obvious one but November marks Thanksgiving and I’m really excited about it because it’s my favorite holiday! I’m actually going to be spending it in sunny California with Brian’s family this year!

  • Go to Korea

    I’ve been prepping since September for this trip but for those of you who don’t know, I’m going to South Korea in three days and I couldn’t be more excited! I haven’t been since 2015 so I’m excited to go back. Brian’s actually coming with me and I can’t wait for him to meet my extended family!

  • go to california

    Obviously, I’m heading there for Thanksgiving, but I want to see more of the state while I’m there!

  • Make Chili

    Making chili is one of those Fall traditions that I absolutely love! Something about a warm bowl of hot chili while the air outside is crisp makes me smile.

  • go hiking

    I love a good Fall hike! Lucky for me, my uncle scheduled a hiking session for us while we’re in Korea so I’m pretty pumped for that!

What are some things on your November Bucket List?