December Bullet Journal Setup

December Bullet Journal Setup

How are we already this close to December? Only one more month left in 2018 and it seems like just yesterday I even started my bullet journal. While I’m excited for the holiday season, doing this month’s spread did make me feel a bit bittersweet about the year ending.

In any case, I am so excited to share December’s bullet journal setup with you guys. This one was fun for me to do because of all the holiday-inspired elements!

cover page and calendar

I had some fun with the cover page. I busted out my watercolor paints and painted wreath-like elements. I spaced out two lines above and below my calligraphy and had holiday greenery coming out of the base. I really love the way it turned out. It looks so classically festive!

December Bullet Journal

As for the calendar - I went for the standard. I did have fun writing “‘Tis the Season) at the bottom left corner of the page though!

habit tracker and monthly goals

December Bullet Journal Spread

I have been loving the way separate trackers look on my bullet journal so I did it again, though it’s super tedious to write out. I almost want to get a stamp now for these and make my life a bit easier haha!

My Monthly goals page is pretty much the same. In keeping with the theme of the bullet journal and the season, my guiding word of the month will be cheer.

Expense Tracker, gifts, and brain dump

December Bullet Journal Setup

While the expense tracker and the brain dump sections are nothing new when it comes to my bullet journal, I created a section called “gifts received” specifically for December. I celebrate Christmas and I tend to get quite a few gifts this time of year. I intend to write down who gets me a gift this year, what they got me, and track whether or not I sent them a ‘thank you’ note afterwards.

weekly spread

December Bullet Journal Setup

Consistent with the theme, I made small wreaths as dividers for my days on my weekly spread. I’m pretty excited to start writing in and using this week’s spread!