Empties (Vol. 7)

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I’ve always maintained that the weirdest thing I do as a blogger is keep a bunch of empty packets and containers of products for weeks and sometimes months in order to take pictures of them. I am so happy to finally throw out these containers that have been cluttering my bathroom the past few months and let you know my thoughts on these!

Missha All Around Safe block

This is one of the first Korean sunscreens I’ve ever used and I must say, I was impressed. Korean SPF products are the best because they take extreme precautions when it comes to the sun (they really love pale skin over there) so you know you’re going to get the best protections ever. This one is great because it’s not greasy in the least! It honestly feels like lotion and there have been days where I’ve used this sunscreen as a primer under my makeup! It’s also somewhat mattifying so if that’s your thing, I’d definitely consider looking into this sunscreen. This is also quite affordable at $14 so if price is an object, it shouldn’t be for this sunscreen!

REPURCHASE?: Yes - in fact, I’ve already repurchased this!

Nars ‘The multiple’ in Portofino

I think it’s time this multi-purpose makeup and I parted ways. I have used and repurchased this blush/lipstick/eyeshadow product the last few years but I think I’m officially in the market for something new. There’s nothing wrong with it - quite the opposite, in fact! There’s a reason I’ve kept repurchasing this product and it’s because it’s amazing! I’m just looking for something new now because I’m getting bored of it after using it for the last three years. It’s $39 retail but it also lasts a LONG time!

REPURCHASE?: Not right away. But I recommend it for everyone else who’s not a creature of habit like me.

Glossier Boy Brow

I’ve raved about Glossier’s Boy Brow product before (read about it here) and I still love it! I’m so bad at brow makeup and (fun fact) I’ve actually never tweezed, plucked, or do any kind of grooming to my brows at all, mostly because I’m not really sure how my brows are supposed to look and I don’t have a lot of unruly hairs on my brows. As a brow newbie, this brow product was so easy to use and instantly bring a natural chic-ness to my brows! Plus at $16, the price is really not that bad.

REPURCHASE?: Yes, in fact, I’ve already repurchased and am on a new tube!

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Benefit ‘Gimme brow’

After trying Glossier’s Boy Brow, Benefit’s Gimme Brow was a bit of a letdown. I got this as a sample product but I personally didn’t think it measured up as much. It looked similar to Glossier’s Boy Brow, but was less pigmented and less shaping. That isn’t to say that Gimme Brow is a bad product. I think if I had never used Boy Brow, I would have absolutely LOVED Gimme Brow. Alas, I just like Boy Brow a bit more. Plus, at $24, I think it should do a bit more.

REPURCHASE?: No, but I do recommend this.

Benefit ‘Porefessional’ primer

Here’s the thing - I really liked this primer BUT I can’t justify the price of it ($32) When I had been using the NYX Pore Filler primer for just over $8 and it does the same thing. I got this as a free sample and compared to the NYX primer, it does apply a bit smoother but once it’s on your face, it feels exactly the same and your makeup stays on for the same amount of time.

REPURCHASE?: No. Not at that price.

Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara

Despite their face primer being a miss for me, this mascara became one of my favorites! I LOVED the wand and it really did a great job lengthening my very short, sparse lashes. I actually liked combining this mascara with the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara which gave me volume. That’s the thing about this mascara though - it’s lengthening but not volumizing. It doesn’t really claim to volumize though so I won’t hold it against them. It’s $25 but I have also bought a Givenchy mascara for $29 so… perspective.

REPURCHASE?: Maybe. I need to get through my other tubes of mascaras first before I decide.

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L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara

If $20+ mascaras aren’t your thing, I have a great $8 mascara option for you… that’s a dupe of a $24 mascara! L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise mascara is a great dupe for Too Faced’s ‘Better than Sex’ mascara and I would know - I have used both! The formula is similar enough and the wands are almost identical.

REPURCHASE?: Yes… but only after I’ve finished my tube of the ‘Better than Sex’ mascara.

Belif belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

This is my first Belif Belif product I’ve tried and I was excited to try it because I heard a lot of great things. Let’s just say this - my expectations? Blown! As an eczema sufferer and a craver of extreme hydration, this little moisturizer was the best! It’s not the worst price in the world at $22 either.

REPURCHASE?: Yes. Absolutely!

clinique moisture surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

After trying the Belif Belif cream, the Clinique moisturizer was a little bit of a disappointment, but only barely. If you’re in desperate need of skin hydration like me (especially in the winter), I would go for the Belif Belif product but if your skin isn’t too bad, Clinique will be more than enough.

REPURCHASE?: Yes but only if they’re out of the Belif Belif moisturizer.

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Tarte Maracuja oil

Wow wow wow. I hate that I like this. In fact, I love this so much and I hate that I do. Why? Because Tarte’s PR team has had a few racist incidents and I’m really not about that at all. I got this oil as a sample and I thought, “well, since I didn’t buy it, I would hate to waste products.” Now that I’ve used it, I can’t stop thinking about it. I use Rose-hip seed oil from The Ordinary but I’m thinking of buying something similar to the Maracuja oil from them instead of from Tarte. Sorry - I just can’t support Tarte!


caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum

I embarrassingly held onto this sample products since using it all up in mid-October. I don’t really have strong feelings about it. For a serum that costs $49, I feel like I should have a stronger opinion on it if I’m to repurchase it and I just don’t. I don’t hate it. I don’t love it. It doesn’t seem to hydrate my skin more than my Murad essence did.


wildfox perfume

I don’t know where I got this perfume sample from but I’m so glad I got it. It smells amazing! Brian even commented about how much he liked it! There are some fruity notes but it doesn’t feel juvenile or immature. It’s a great mix of fruit and florals that smells mature but not matronly. It retails for $70.

REPURCHASE?: Hell to the yes!

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