2019 Bullet Journal Setup

2019 Bullet Journal Setup

I’ve really loved bullet journaling this past year and I’m so excited to start my new bullet journal for 2019! People always ask me if I really use my bujo and fill out my trackers. The answer is: Absolutely! I really depend on my bullet journal and I feel like i seriously would be lost without it! I was lucky to have completely filled out with no extra pages needed which was so satisfying for my crazy perfectionist tendencies! I’m really excited to be jumping into a new bullet journal for the new year. This year, I’m going with another Leuchtturm A5 sized notebook. I got mine in a gorgeous copper color that they had out as their anniversary edition.

legend and key

2019 Bullet Journal Legend

To be honest, my legend and key hasn’t changed at all since my last bullet journal. In fact, this is the same legend and key I’ve used for the past few years. It’s clearly working well for me so I didn’t think I needed a reason to change it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? I did, however add a count at the bottom of the dot spacings. There are 38 dots vertically and 27 across. This will help me when it comes to spacing in my spreads!

year at a glance and 2019 resolutions

2019 Bullet Journal Year-at-a-Glance and 2019 Resolutions

As tedious as it is for me to write out an entire year’s worth of dates and months, having a year-at-a-glance has been really useful to me so I’m doing it again for 2019. I also wrote a few resolutions for my life, my blog, my reading habits, and financial habits. I plan on going over some of them in more detail later on.

Shopping Ban and Products purchased

2019 Bullet Journal Setup

This is a brand new feature in my bullet journal and I’m planning on going over it in more detail later but the long and the short of it is: I’m going to do a shopping ban. I’ll refer back to this page at a later date.

books read

2019 Bullet Journal Setup Books Read

I ran into a problem last year when I ran out of space to write down the books I read. I had a goal of reading 25 books, which I’ve surpassed by reading 50 books this year. BUT I only gave myself enough space to write down about 30 books or so. Not this year - I’m giving myself a LOT more room to write down more books! Let the reading commence!

Yearly log

2019 Bullet Journal Setup Yearly log
2019 Bullet Journal Setup Yearly Log

I really loved having a yearly log last year. Whenever I was doing my monthly view calendar or writing out my weekly spreads, I liked having this yearly log to look back to to make sure I didn’t miss anything big or important!

20 Before 2020

2019 Bullet Journal Setup 20 Before 2020

I did a “19 before 2019” last year and it was fun trying to check off all the things on that list! While I wasn’t able to succeed in crossing everything off my list, I am hopeful this year! I haven’t finished adding everything to my list but I will soon. What do you think I should do this year?