January 2019 Bucket List

January 2019 Bucket List

I’m super excited to dive into the things on this month’s bucket list! New Year, new possibilities, am I right?

  • Attend DC Restaurant Week

    I feel like I live for DC restaurant week the two times a year they occur. In case your city doesn’t have a restaurant week, it’s basically a week where fine-dining restaurants price two or three course meals much more affordably ($22 for lunch and brunch and $35 for dinner!) I have my eye on a few restaurants I want to go to during this time…

  • Host another Stitch and Bitch

    Last month, my friends and I started a club called “Stitch and Bitch” where us girls would get together and practice a craft and drink wine. I LOVED it last month and it really gave me a chance to appreciate all of my girlfriends. My friends are such smart, strong, and badass women. I’m excited to do this again!

  • Read 5 books

    Last year, I set a reading goal of reading 25 books. I smashed that record by reading 48! This year, I decided to really challenge myself and set a goal of 50 books! That means I’ll have to read around one book per week. I really need to hit the ground running on this one! Luckily, I’ve already finished one book this week and am on my second for the year!

  • Get rid of the Christmas tree

    Shamefully, we still have our Christmas tree up! It’s been shedding it’s needles and driving me crazy! I’m hoping to throw it out this weekend!

  • Get Back into Running

    I really fell off the track (hehe) when it came to my morning runs. I used to go before work but I stopped when my office moved further away from where I live and I didn’t have time. I really miss running and I want to get back into it again!