December 2018 Bucket List

December Bucket List

I can’t believe we’re already four days into the last month of the year!

December is a busy time for many of us, so I realize I’m not adding anything new when I say that I have a lot of travel planning and shopping to do. Still I want to slow down enough to get a few fun items on my bucket list crossed off!

  • Celebrate Christmas with my Family

    My parents moved to South Carolina earlier this year and I’m pretty excited at the prospect of spending a warm Christmas down there with them! I’m already done with the cold!

  • Put up a Christmas Tree and Decorate it

    This is something I can cross off now because we finally got our Christmas tree delivered on Saturday! Brian and I requested a 6-7 foot tree to be delivered from the local elementary school’s PTA. We quickly decorated it. We also have a smart plug that we plugged the lights into and connected it to Alexa so we can now tell her to turn on or off the tree lights!

  • Drink EggNog

    I’ve recently come back around to liking eggnog , especially warm eggnog! Brian’s been putting eggnog in his coffee every morning and I’ve been meaning to try that too!

  • Go to the DC Holiday Market

    I LOVE the Holiday Market in Chinatown and I go every year! I get a lot of holiday shopping done there too!

  • Visit ZooLights and Drink Hot Apple Cider

    Brian and I have a tradition of going to see the brilliant Christmas lights they decorate the Smithsonian Zoo with every year. It’s so beautiful and they sell hot apple cider on site so you can sip on something warm while you walk through!

  • Spend New Years Eve with Brian

    Before I met Brian, I had never spent New Years Eve with a boyfriend before. Brian thought that was a travesty so he’s made it a point to spend every NYE with me (I know, he’s a keeper).

  • Start a Knitting Circle with my Friends

    I have some really awesome #girlboss friends but… they can be workaholics! I was at a party on Saturday and a few of my friends talked about the value of having a hobby outside of work. I remembered that I was in a knitting circle in college that was a lot of fun (I mean, it was really an excuse to gossip and hang out). They thought it would be a great idea to start one again with the real intention of just getting some girl time in and drinking wine (hehe).

What are some things on your December Bucket List?