April 2018 Bucket List

April Bucket List with Petite Places desk calendar by Ferme à Papier

April couldn't have come at a better time! Is it just me or did March feel extra long? Maybe it's because I experienced all four seasons of the year in just the month of March so it felt longer but I'm so glad for a fresh start in April. Here are a few things on my monthly bucket list:

  • Read three books cover to cover: We're only a third of the way the way into the the year and I'm far ahead of my Goodreads goal of reading 25 books this year! I want to finish strong. The books on my list this month are Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, Beartown by Frederik Backman, and Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.
  • Go to the farmer's market: My favorite thing to do in the Spring and Summer is go to the farmer's market and pick up fresh produce and flowers. I can't wait to go and cook with some new and fresh groceries!
  • See a baseball game: I try to go to at least one Nationals game a year and I think that April or May is the best time to go because you don't get that awful humidity you have to deal with in later months. 
  • Drink a glass of wine on the roof: The roof of my apartment building has a pool and lawn toys. It's a great place to just lounge and have a glass of wine while looking out into the DC skyline. I want to have some friends over and hang out up there with a cool glass of rose!

What are some things on your bucket list this month?