Coffee Chat Vol. 11


ONE || Average Amount of Debt Americans Have
This one hit home - as a college grad, my school was not cheap. I got a merit scholarship but it was still about $50,000 to attend (and the tuition is still rising there!) Oddly, this made me feel better to not be alone. 

TWO || "I Got in Trouble Because My Coworker Saw a Maxi Pad in My Car"
This issue made my blood boil. First of all, it wasn't like this was in the office, it was in her CAR. Secondly, it's not like it was used, they were brand new! Thirdly, why are we writing women up for having sanitary products?? Do we write men up for having toothpaste in their office? The misogyny is mind numbing. 

THREE || How to Not Waste Money
This is a good watch if you're putting yourself on a financial diet like I am. I have gotten really good with my money and I've generally avoided falling into traps like the ones they're talking about in the video. Still, it's good to get a reminder. 

FOUR || Hola Beaches Cover Up
I put myself on a spending ban for the time being, but if I could spend money, I would totally buy this really cute swim cover up! It says "Hola Beaches" on the back! How cute!

FIVE || 50 Ideas to Help You Design Your Perfect Morning Routine
Piggybacking on my post from yesterday on My Morning Routine, these are all really great ideas! I may even start taking up number 11 and write stuff down!

SIX || 20 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Jeans
Yay for new ways of wearing your old clothes! Jeans are seriously so versatile! I actually loved that denim midi skirt look! So chic, hard to pull off, I'm sure, but a girl can dream!

SEVEN || Mon Cheri One Piece Swimsuit
I'm obsessing pretty hard over this swimsuit! The cherry print is adorable and the ruffles are so darling! I love the vintage feel of it! I can't wait until my spending ban ends!