My Workout Essentials

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My Workout Essentials

Yoga mat:

I like my Manduka yoga mat as it holds up nicely and has great grip for my down dogs. A word of warning - This yoga smells awful in the beginning! I had to air it out for a few days before I could take it to my yoga studio to use regularly. 

Water bottle: 

I got my Camelbak Eddy water bottle at the end of last year and it's been a game changer! Mine holds 32 oz. so I try to fill it up twice a day for my full 64 oz of water. I always know exactly how much I've drank and how much more I need to drink. 

Patagonia fleece pullover:

I really love having my Patagonia pullover for hiking days, yoga mornings, and just overall sporty days. It's super warm and perfect for chilly mornings (or chilly days in general). Patagonia uses ethically sourced fleece and their business model is all about environmental sustainability which is something I completely get behind. 


I have curated a few playlists for various workouts! Spotify is my bff during my runs, that I can say for sure. I like to listen to pop music when I run at the gym (#guiltypleasure) but when I run outside, I really like listening to musicals. The Hamilton soundtrack is my jam on those days but lately I've dipped my toes in the Newsies soundtrack as well.

comfy shoes: 

I got my pair of Nikes about two years ago and hands down, it was the best investment I've made. Get you a pair of running shoes that have excellent traction, breathable, and are super comfy! They discontinued the ones I wear most often but I really like this pair if you're looking for something similar. 

flexible athletic clothes: 

Shopping for cute workout clothes is my jam! I think when I have a workout clothes I'm excited to wear, I'm more motivated to exercise. I would say about 60% of my workout wardrobe is from Fabletics, Kate Hudson's brand. They have really great sales and all of the items I have from them are excellent quality! Another brand I really love is Athleta! They're pretty much the poor man's Lululemon, but since I refuse to buy Lululemon because of their founder's anti-Asian remarks, Athleta works for me. I have several pairs of leggings from them and they're excellent! They have a good weight to them without being see-through. 

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