My Desk Tour

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My Desk Tour

I was inspired to write a post on my desk area after watching a bunch of "Desk Tour" videos on Youtube. After moving to my current apartment, I had no idea where to put my desk area. My bedroom was too small so I had no choice to put my desk in the living room area and designate it a workspace. Once I played around with the layout of my other living room furniture, I had no idea how to get my space organized! I watched a ton of videos and scoured Pinterest for organizing ideas and ended up with the setup I have now. 

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Here are the things I use to organize my desk space: 

  • Deflecto Stackable Cube Organizers: I watched AmandaRachLee's Youtube video where she describes her current desk situation and I thought these stackable cube organizers were genius! I also have way too many pens than is humanly necessary. I used to keep all these pens in cups but I realized that actually takes up more space than these stackable cubes, not to mention storing some pens upright actually dries them out. The organizers are great because instead of taking up too much flat surface space, they can take up height space!
  • Petite Places desk calendar: I love having a small calendar to look at on my desk. It's always super handy! Even better when the illustrations are super cute! I got mine at Anthropologie. 
  • Cabinet on wheels: Next to my desk and under the printer is my small cabinet on wheels. It matches my desk color which is why I really like it. Brian and I share the drawers and since there are four, two are designated for me and the other two are for him. I keep stationery like post its, cards, and brushes. In the second drawer are bigger papers that I need to keep, and my watercolor paper sektchbook. 
  • Corkboard + White Board combo: I know it's not in the pictures but I have a corkboard/whiteboard combo that I love to keep my notes and such on. It's so necessary for me to keep reminders around me, especially on days I work from home. 

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My desk tour