Coffee Chat Vol. 10

ONE || The ‘Roseanne’ Reboot Is Funny. I’m Not Going to Keep Watching.
I love Roxane Gay's writing and she does a really good job of illustrating the problematic themes of the Roseanne reboot while admitting that it has its merits. She is my Bad Feminist Hero!

TWO || War is Sacred
My friend from college, Michael, wrote this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For the record, Michael is a Republican who served in the Marines. His writing is a bit brash (and trigger warning for those that need it - a lot of expletives are used) but it's refreshing to see someone who has had gun training in the military offer his take on the gun control debate that's going on. 

THREE || Warby Parker 'Durand' frames
I finally ordered my first pair of Warby Parker glasses! I originally wanted the Welty frames but after I got them from the home try-ons, I realized I liked these rounder frames MUCH better! 

FOUR || Are You Washing Your Face Correctly?
Looks like most people aren't, including me! I gotta admit, I was a believer in the "hot water opens pores, cold water closes them" rule. After reading this article, I'll be adjusting my face washing water temperature accordingly. 

FIVE || Jay-Z Wept with Joy When His Mother Came Out
I love that Jay-Z is really working to change the negative perceptions of hip-hop culture - especially the rampant homophobia. I actually didn't even know his mother was gay until I heard the song, Smile from 4:44. His reaction is so beautiful. 

SIX || Dr. Evil is Fired by Trump
Did anyone else watch the Austin Powers movies when they were younger? This was such a great throwback! Mike Myers has still got it! Myers, in character as Dr. Evil, give his fake post firing interview and announces his intention to run for President in 2020 with Mark Zuckerberg (don't worry, none of this is real). It was hilarious to watch!

SEVEN || L'Occitane Sale
If you use the code 'FRIENDS,' you can get 20% off full priced items at L'Occitane! I want to use this code to get their awesome Shea Cleansing Oil