Mini Emergency Kit Essentials

Mini Emergency Kit Essentials

I'm rarely without my "mini emergency kit." I have a small bag full of items I keep around, "just in case" something happens. I spill something on my shirt? I have a stain remover pen in my mini emergency kit. I get a paper cut? I got bandaids. Got a headache? Advil in my kit will take care of that. It's so handy to have and I recommend everyone get themselves a small pouch to keep on hand. Here are a few items in mine that I recommend for yours: 

Hand lotion

I am a big fan of L'Occitane hand lotions and I've been particularly fond of their collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. I keep their hand lotion on me at all times. It was a LIFESAVER this winter, especially after I would wash my hands. 


I'm constantly getting cuts and scrapes because I'm clumsy AF so I always try to keep a few bandaids on me as well.


Every once in a while, during that time of the month, I'll get the worst migraines ever. While not a cure, painkillers can help a little. Plus, there's always someone who needs Advil. 


I am pretty irregular so I never want to be caught off-guard when Aunt Flow comes to town. 

Tide stain remover pen

As I mentioned earlier, I am a pretty clumsy person and food never seems to stay off my clothes. When I discovered stain remover pens, I went out and bought 20 of them to keep everywhere! They're always handy!

Power bank for phone

Brian got me a really awesome portable charger recently and it's been with me everywhere! It's awesome because one charge of the power bank will charge my phone up to 3-6 times! 

What's in your mini emergency kit?