Coffee Chat Vol. 14


ONE || The Reinvention of America
Sometimes I worry that the US may be falling behind other countries in certain aspects but it looks like we're doing a lot better than I thought! This was very encouraging for me to read. 

TWO || New study explains how an open office plan can be sexist
This was concerning to read. Right now, I have a private (albeit small and windowless) office at work as does almost everyone else. My company is actually moving to a new building next month with a completely open concept. In fact, our CEO himself will not have an office! While I'm totally fine with an open office, I know other (mostly women) at work have been vocal about some of their concerns. Do you work in an open office? What is your experience with this?

THREE || Strong Female Lead tee
How cute is this tee?? I want it so bad! 

FOUR || Georgina Chapman on Life after Harvey Weinstein
This was an interesting read. I know some people have been accusing her of knowing what her husband was doing and just ignoring it. I'm not so sure. I also think that it's sexist to hold women responsible for the behaviors of men so I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

FIVE || Tips for getting through all your unread emails
While I'm not always great at deleting emails from my inbox, I'm really good at getting all of my emails read - I hate having that red notification bubble on the top right corner of my inbox app. I had a conversation about this at a wedding I recently attended and someone showed me their phone with 6000 unread emails! I started getting stressed out just looking at it!

SIX || Bon Voyage hat
It's almost pool/beach season and I'm wanting a straw sun hat with a cute saying on it. I stared at this 'Bon Voyage' hat for way too long. It's a bit out of my price range but it's super cute!