Product Review: Foreo Luna 2

Foreo Luna 2 for sensitive skin

I first heard about the Foreo Luna 2 while doing research on ways I can up my skincare game. I read a LOT of reviews about the Clarisonic systems and I was seriously considering getting a Clarisonic Mia 2 until the Foreo Luna 2 caught my eye. 

It was so different from anything I've ever seen before and after doing a lot more research, I bit the bullet and ended up purchasing it during a Sephora sale. I've used this for about two months now so I think it's a good time to share my thoughts on using the Foreo Luna 2.

How it works: 

You apply your cleanser on the bristles of the Foreo Luna 2. When you turn on the middle button, it starts vibrating at which point you should place on one area of your face to cleanse. After a while, the vibration will pause indicating you switch areas to cleanse. If you press the middle button again, it will vibrate slowly for the 'anti-aging' mode (used with the back of the Foreo Luna 2). The vibrations have twelve different strengths for you to choose from as well. 

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I was initially drawn to the Foreo Luna 2 because unlike its competitor, Clarisonic, I didn't need to keep buying brush heads to replace making this a more economical choice. The Foreo Luna 2 is made of silicone and the bristles are super soft. I purchased mine for sensitive skin but honestly, I could have gotten the one for normal skin and I don't think it would have done any damage to my skin either. However, that was just a personal preference and I'm of the opinion 'when in doubt, get the product for sensitive skin.'

Because the bristles are made of silicone, the Foreo Luna 2 is also very easy to clean as well. Most of the time I just rinse off my cleanser and we're good to go. The Foreo Luna 2 has an "anti-aging" mode to be used with the back side of it but I've never really used that function. Still, it's good to know I have options.

As for cleansing, it works incredibly well! Maybe it's because I've simply been using my hands for cleansing up to now but this was a HUGE step up! My skin has never felt cleaner! I feel like after I cleanse my face with the Foreo Luna 2, my skincare products I use afterwards go a lot farther for my skin. 

I also really loved that a single charge goes a LONG way. I fully charged my Foreo Luna 2 when it first arrived and I haven't needed to charge it again since - two months later! 

Foreo Luna 2 for sensitive skin

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The really big con for me was the price. At $199, this is quite a hefty price tag - it's more expensive than the Clarisonic Mia at $129 and the Mia 2 at $169. I waited for this to be on sale for $149 and I had a $20 off coupon so I got my Foreo Luna 2 for only $129. Still, I've never spent over $100 on a single skincare product before so I didn't fork over the cash lightly. Knowing how well it works now, I think it was worth every penny. Still if price is an object for you, there was honestly nothing wrong with washing with just my hands and my small silicone scrubber.

The other downside to the Foreo Luna 2 is the shape. The shape is great for cleansing my cheeks and forehead but it was awkward cleansing my nose area. My nose tends to collect the most sebum on my face so I make it a priority to cleanse my nose but the shape made it kind of hard. Not impossible but ergonomically, it's not my favorite. 

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All in all, I like my Foreo Luna 2 and would recommend it. If you're on a budget, I would consider waiting for a sale or even getting a knockoff from Amazon which I'm told works well too. 

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