Beauty Samples Roundup

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Beauty Samples

I've amassed a LOT of beauty samples and as I have kind of a history of being a samples hoarder and never using them, I decided to break that cycle and use them all in one month. This is going to be a quick and dirty review as I could only use most of these products once or twice. I'll be talking about my first impressions and whether or not I would purchase the full-sized version based on the sample. 

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Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara

I tend to go to drugstores for things like mascara because mascara tends to have the shortest shelf-life before they expire and I have to throw it away. I wanted to try this Givenchy mascara out (I know, fancy) and I'm kind of angry at how much I like it! The formula is fantastic and it gives my short lashes super length and separates each lash! The folding wand is also useful for when I need to get in closer to my inner eyes and helps with creating volume. The price is $29 (which is what makes me angry because I'm used to only spending around $10 for mascara) but I am sort of addicted and need this in my life now. 
REPURCHASE: Yes, absolutely!

Marc jacobs daisy perfume

I don't wear perfume every day and I don't buy a ton. I have maybe 2 bottles that I'm going through currently and but one is the Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! perfume so I did know I would enjoy Marc Jacobs' other (more famous) perfume. Obviously, this one is quite popular and I enjoyed it myself! I like how the scent is more suitable for work as well - floral but not too much, and mature but not too aging. 
REPURCHASE: Yes, but only after I use up all my other perfumes. I like it but I'm not in a hurry with this one. 

Drunk elephant b-hydra intensive hydration gel

I've heard so many great things about Drunk Elephant products but the price tags are quite hefty. The full sized version of this is $52 for 1.69oz and I wasn't sure I wanted to drop that much cash on this if I wasn't sure it was going to do amazing things for my skin. True to its name, it's a gel-like consistency. It promised skin hydration (which is something I always need as I struggle with eczema) but I wasn't sure it did all that much. I could only use it twice so maybe I have to use it for longer to get the effects but I don't think it hurt my skin at all. 
REPURCHASE: Still thinking... Maybe another sample packet wouldn't hurt.

sachajuan hair repair

I did a full review of this earlier but now that I've completely used it up, I can say with confidence that this didn't do anything for me at all. I'm glad I got the sample because for my hair, at least, it would have been $33 wasted. 
REPURCHASE: No, definitely not. 

Farmacy Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve with Echinacea GreenEnvy™ Honey

This product was certainly a mouthful! I liked the idea of this honey salve and while it did wonders on my lips and cuticles, I didn't realize it was meant to be used in such a way until after I tried to rub it into my face! (I'm an idiot). It was fine but I didn't find it to be something to write home about. I have other balms that do the same thing that costs much less than $34. 
REPURCHASE: Probably not. Can't really justify the cost, despite how well it works. 

fresh rose face mask

I honestly can't believe I waited so long to try this face mask! I LOVE it so much! I felt like I was in a spa when I wore this and my skin felt so soft after I rinsed it off and dried my face. The rose scent is also lovely! The only real con for me is the price - $62 is a lot for my tastes but I think it's great for those days you want to #treatyourself
REPURCHASE: Absolutely yes! 

dior rouge dior liquid

I got a sample pack of four different colors to try out and one small lip brush. I liked all the colors - they had two matte shades, a metallic finish, and a satin finish. They applied really easily and I liked how they felt on my lips. It was, however, disappointingly and easily smudged. It didn't last all day and frankly, I have NYX liquid lipsticks that last a whole lot longer than these Dior shades did. They retail for $37 and a $12 lip color stays put longer. 
REPURCHASE: No, while the colors are lovely and look amazing, I can find drugstore brands that can do the same job but better. 

tatcha the deep cleanse

I wasn't sure what to expect from this but holy cow did I love this cleanser!! To be fair, I have been using my Foreo Luna 2 to cleanse my skin and so my cleansing products have gone a lot farther than they used to. Still, my skin felt softer and smoother after use! As for price, it's not too bad as far as high-end cleansers go at $38.
REPURCHASE: 10/10 would repurchase! 

Tatcha violet-c radiance mask

Since I loved Tatcha's cleanser so much I thought that this face mask would be awesome too. It's a pretty purple-violet color that has almost a dry, rubbery consistency when applied. It was fun to have on but the smell was kind of strong, a kind of wet cement smell? I can't explain, but it bothered me a bit. And maybe I just had this on for a few minutes too long but it took FOREVER to rinse off, reminding me why I don't usually like non-sheet masks (except maybe the Fresh Rose mask). Still, my skin was baby soft afterwards and I honestly could have gone to bed without putting moisturizer on afterwards because it wasn't drying like most face masks tend to be. 
REPURCHASE: Probably not but would recommend for face mask aficionados. Unfortunately, I'm not one so it's not for me.

Amorepacific MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel

I've been placing a lot more importance on eye creams lately to fight off signs of aging. I normally use my Farmacy Dew it All Total Eye Cream most nights and while I love that one (review coming soon), I honestly didn't see that much of a difference between that and this AmorePacific one. Yet the difference in cost is staggering. Farmacy: $38. AmorePacific: $85. I'm thinking that I just may not have the right skin conditions for this to be super effective on me though. AmorePacific boasts that this product helps fight fine lines and combats dryness around the eyes - two things I don't have at all. So it's probably just me, not this product. 
REPURCHASE: No, I'll stick with my Farmacy eye cream. However, if you have dryness around the eyes or fine lines, you should give it a shot and see how you like it.