Coffee Chat Vol. 15


ONE || The science behind Yanny vs. Laurel
I'm sure you've all seen the viral meme, (could only hear Yanny at first but now I can seriously hear both), but there's a very interesting science to it. You should play around with the device the NY Times created so that you can hear both as well. 

TWO || Favorite Instant Pot Recipes
I love my Instant Pot and even better when I can find new recipes to try with it! Brian's currently in Hawaii with his family so I think I am going to try that Kahlua Pork recipe so I feel less FOMO. 

THREE || The BEST Red Lipsticks
If a makeup artist endorses it, I'll probably give it a shot. I want to try the new Fenty Stunna Lip Paint - supposedly the next 'Ruby Woo' by MAC

FOUR || Balmain Dressed Black Actresses at Cannes to Make a Statement on Inclusivity
I love when fashion makes such positive statements! These actresses came together to "call attention to their multimedia project “Noire N’est Pas Mon Metier,” which translated means, “Black Is Not My Profession.” The work aims to expose and denounce the discrimination black women face in the French and American entertainment industries."

FIVE || Free Chrome Extensions for Busy People
While this article was written for entrepreneurs, I think it's handy for just busy people in general. I personally use 1Password and it's a lifesaver! 

SIX || The 13 Workouts That Burn the Most Calories, Ranked
Yay for vinyasa yoga that made it on this list - as most of you know, that's my workout of choice. I'm also a runner but I'm thinking of trying a few Orange Theory classes