Coffee Chat Vol. 16

Thank you so much for your warm comments on yesterday's post! I am a rather private person so this post was hard for me to write. May is Mental Health month which was part of why I was motivated to write that post. You guys really rock and while I'm sad to see so many women relate to having anxiety and panic attacks, I'm glad that we can all be understanding and kind to each other. 

ONE || 7 Ways to Stop Bringing Stress Home
This is a great read, especially as I just signed a new telecommuting contract at work. While I'm thrilled to be able to work a few days a week in the comfort of my home in my PJs, I'm also concerned I may not equate home with "stres-free safe haven" anymore if I'm working there now. These tips may just come in handy

TWO || Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale
Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale and you can get up to 40% off on select items! My pick is for this cute twist front tee by BP

THREE || People Are Dragging Hollywood's "Asian Hair Streak" Cliché on Twitter
Too real - I don't really know many Asians who have neon purple hair in real life and I find it to be such a cliché when I see it on TV or in movies. Personally, I've never dyed my hair but I honestly don't care if others do. I just hate that "Asian girl with dyed hair = rebellious" and "Asian girls without dyed hair = docile" It's just untrue. 

FOUR || Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter talks Jeffrey Tambor’s harassment — with Tambor ther
I am a big fan of Arrested Development and I have several times claimed that Lucille Bluth is my spirit animal - I want to be that witty, clever, and strong someday! Jessica Walter is my hero - imagine talking about someone verbally harassing you publicly, but also right in front of the harasser himself?? You go girl!

FIVE || Harvey Weinstein charged with rape and other abuse charges in sexual assault case
Finally, some justice for the women! This is obviously a long time coming and I'm so gad that the victims will get some semblance of peace. 

SIX || ASOS Paper Bag Waist Pants
I'm kind of in love with the paperbag waist pant silhouette! They're just so flattering! I love the blush pink ones from ASOS and I may need to get them in my closet!!