Coffee Chat Vol. 18

ONE || Melania Trump's jacket
Regardless of where you stand politically, I think most reasonable people are pretty against the idea of ripping children away from their parents. I was happy to hear Melania Trump at least went to visit the detention center...until I saw what jacket she was wearing. This goes to all the people who say that "fashion doesn't matter" - clearly it does because optics matter. 

TWO || How Much Would it Cost to Pay Factory Workers a Living Wage
This was really interesting to read. I'm all for paying workers a livable wage and if this article is true, the cost would be surprisingly minimal!

THREE || Madewell Ruffled Gingham Cami
I'm going to do an Instagram stories/video about this after this post goes up but I bought this cami and it arrived yesterday. I think it will be my new summer tank! The gingham and the ruffles are very on-trend while also being classic! The color will seriously go with everything in my closet too!

FOUR || Why Stressed Minds are More Decisive
This was eye-opening to least it explained why I felt like I did my best work in college when I procrastinated. (I'm really hoping you guys can relate haha)

FIVE || Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney
My dad was a die-hard Beatles fan and I grew up on their music (like I would imagine a lot of people did). This Carpool Karaoke session was so sweet and hit home. Paul McCartney and his music obviously meant a lot to so many people, not just in Liverpool, but all over the world. 

SIX || ABC has a Spinoff of Roseanne called "The Connors"
In interesting TV news, Roseanne is getting a spinoff... just without Roseanne herself! I did think it was a shame that the rest of the cast and crew had to deal with the consequences of the star's racism. I'm really glad for this news

SEVEN || Kate Spade's Father Died before He Could Attend Daughter's Funeral
Curse those onion-cutting ninjas because I'm tearing up now. So much tragedy in a family. It was so clear that Earl Brosnahan truly loved his daughter. You could put a medical term on the reason why he died but ultimately, it was heartbreak.