Coffee Chat Vol. 19

Hello from Virginia! I am at a friend's parent's house in Herndon for a retreat of sorts. No post yesterday because I had gotten too busy getting other things done before I left for the night. It's been a pretty crazy week in general as I had a lot of social engagements including spending some time with Brian's dad who was here last weekend for work. Lots of laughs and fun all around!

ONE || A Very English Scandal
This one's for all you true crime lovers, they made a TV series on the Jeremy Thorpe affair! For those of you who don't know about this scandal out of the UK, Jeremy Thorpe was a prominent English politician who was accused of trying to kill his former lover back in the 60s for threatening to out him as a gay man. It's basically the English version of our OJ Simpson trial in that the crime was a completely botched job and the accused party got off (spoiler alert, but not really because it's just history :P). Unlike OJ Simpson, no murders occurred - that's how much they botched the hit. It's gotten rave reviews and I highly recommend it, and in case you need more convincing - Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw star in it!

TWO || Great skincare products under $25
The Everygirl has a great article on affordable skincare products! Skincare is having a really big moment and a lot of good products can get really pricey. It's always great to find quality products in your budget!

THREE || Uniqlo dress with built-in padded bra
I talked about this dress on my Instagram Stories but this dress is seriously the best purchase I've made this summer! Most tops and dresses with built-in bras aren't great because the bra has no padding or support so there's a big chance of nipple poppage (not my favorite thing at all). This dress by Uniqlo is amazing because their bras are padded but also wireless! It offers excellent support and it's super comfortable! I have a post going up on Monday where I'll talk about it more in-depth but it's seriously my new favorite now!

FOUR || Macy's July Fourth sale
Macy's is having a Fourth of July sale! My pick? This gorgeous star mesh dress from Maison Jules!

FIVE || Time management techniques for working remotely
Articles like these are becoming more and more relevant to me as I've been working from home more and more. My boss mentioned changing my telecommuting contract from once a week to twice a week (which would be amazing). These tips are extremely handy!

SIX || Wardrobe basics with glowing reviews from Amazon
I don't know where I'd be without Amazon Prime. I bought a bathing suit for $14 from Amazon last summer and it's been staple! Getting a few basics from Amazon is not a bad idea if you're on a budget!