August Bullet Journal Setup

August Bullet Journal Planning

I feel a bit bad about last month's bullet journal setup post because I ended up not liking my setup or theme all that much. For the record, my July theme was 'Firework' in honor of Independence Day but that really got old fast. 

August, however, is one I'm actually really excited to share! I decided to experiment a bit with some of my spreads so I can't wait to hear what you guys think about them! The theme for the month is: stars

August Bullet Journal Planning Star Theme
August Bullet Journal star theme calendar


No major changes to my calendar. I did an unattached set of boxes and decorated with stars. I used my Kuretake brus pen in the gold color to do do the header calligraphy. 

August Bullet Journal star theme habit tracker

habit tracker and monthly goals

My habit tracker saw a big change this month! As you may recall, I usually do a vertical setup but I wanted to try individual calendars for each habit. We'll see how I like it by the end of the month though. While it looks really nice, my hand got cramped as I was making it because it's a lot of repetition of boxes and numbers.

The monthly goals page stayed the same. 

August Bullet Journal star theme expense tracker and brain dump

Expense tracker and brain dump

These two pages have not seen much change but I may rethink the way I track my expenses going forward. I'll let you guys know what I mean next month, after I use this month to experiment :]

As for my weekly spreads, I plan on showcasing that on Instagram live this weekend so stay tuned for that!