Coffee Chat Vol. 23


ONE || Bekah vs. Leo
Former 'Bachelor' contestant, Bekah Martinez received messages from various women who accused 'Bachelorette' contestant Leo Dottavio of sexually harassing them and being generally inappropriate and Bekah posted her findings on social media. People were really quick to call Bekah an attention seeker but I personally find it problematic that we're angry at the woman who is protecting victims and not the sexual harasser himself. For the record, I think this is what the #metoo movement is trying to combat. 

TWO || Corkcicle x Rifle Paper Co. Tumbler
I'm such a #basicblogger but I love anything by Rifle Paper Co. I immediately picked up this cute blush coffee tumbler that they designed in a collaboration with Corkcicle (which is another awesome company). I can see myself using this every day, in fact!

THREE || NASA Inspired Sports Bra
Would you try this? I really like the sleek design and it'd be a great sports bra for running in. And no, it doesn't say anything about making your boobs feel weightless - let's just get that joke out of the way now. 

FOUR || 20% off all dresses at Anthropologie
I LOVE Anthropologie dresses are the best dresses and I'm so glad that they're having this 20% off sale on all dresses! I've been eying this dress for a while and I think now is the time to finally buy it!

FIVE || Productivity Inspiration to Get You Out of Your Blogging Slump
I know I've experienced these blogging slumps so this post was absolutely perfect! 

SIX || YA Authors of Color
If you're looking for a new read, Buzzfeed rounded up a list of Young Adult authors or characters of color. I"m so glad Starr Carter from 'The Hate U Give' made it on the list! It was such an awesome book and I wrote a review of it here

This parka was a fabulous find! I don't know what it is about rain this year that got me so annoyed all summer but this water resistant windbreaker is a great way to combat east coast summer weather!