Coffee Chat Vol. 22


ONE || This Bra Size Calculator is Genius
A properly-fitting bra is so important - anyone who wears one could tell you that. Who What Wear did an article on how to measure yourself for a bra fitting, but also some other lesser known bra terms that would impress the lingerie shop owner!

TWO || How to Prep Your Calendar for a Productive Work Week
Productivity is the name of the game! I really enjoyed all of the tips and I can totally see myself incorporating all of it in my life. I really love getting organized and setting myself up for success and I think it all starts with how you arrange your schedule!

THREE || The Frugal Traveler's Essential List of Budget Travel Hacks
One of the most popular posts I've had on this blog was my post on Summer Travel on a Budget. Since you guys seemed to like that one, I am happy to share this article in the Washington Post on more travel hacks for those of us looking to save a few bucks!

FOUR || Removable Wallpapers for Commitment-Phobes
I love the idea of removable wallpapers because as an apartment dweller, I can't exactly paint my walls without paying a fine if and when I move out of here. I really love the collection here - the marble ones are my favorite!

FIVE || Madewell Transport Rucksack
I have finally come around to getting a backpack. While I will always love my roomy structured tote bags, I think there really is something to having something that'll ease my shoulders! I really want to get this Madewell leather backpack because it's roomy enough to fit my laptop and it'd be perfect to take with me on photoshoots - put my camera, a change of shoes, and we're good to go!