What I Wore This Week Vol. 1

This is a new series I’ve been wanting to start for a while and I figured, why not now? Announcing the new “What I Wore This Week” series!

Every day, I’ll be taking a photo of what I ACTUALLY wear for my day. I know bloggers get a bad rap for wearing things “just for the blog” and not in real life. So to show you things I actually wear and for you to see how close or far I am from the outfits I feature on this blog, I hope you enjoy this series:



Top: Uniqlo || Bottoms: Madewell || Accessories: Warby Parker Durand glasses, Madewell small transport crossbody Kate Spade necklace (old, similar here) || Shoes: Hunter Packable Tours

We had a rainy week and it started off on Sunday with a downpour! I was mainly indoors but if I had to go out for an errand, I made sure to wear my Hunter boots! As you can see from my hair and glasses, Sunday is kind of a lazy day, mostly used for errand running and getting things ready for Monday. If the sweater looks familiar to you, it should - I wore it on Wednesday’s post, but with shorts! I really liked how it looked tucked into a pair of high waisted pants (Madewell’s 9-inch rise jeans to be exact).



Jacket: Uniqlo || Top: J.Crew || Bottoms: Madewell || Accessories: Dagne Dover classic tote, Kate Spade necklace (old, similar here) || Shoes: Blondo Nova

It was another rainy day as we prepared for a bit of the hurricane coming towards the south east. I wore my Uniqlo waterproof windbreaker over my classic gingham shirt. My office instituted a “dress for your day” policy so since I didn’t have any outside meetings, I opted for a pair of jeans to wear with my waterproof booties (you’re going to see them on repeat now, by the way).



Top: J.Crew || Bottoms: J.Crew (old, similar here) || Accessories: Kate Spade necklace (old, similar here) || Shoes: Blondo Nova

As you can see, another day prepared for a sprinkle. I had a few casual meetings I had to attend so I wore my J.Crew Minnie pants. I’ve had these pants for years and thanks to the magic of drycleaning, they’ve held up quite well. I’m still looking for a replacement pair in case something happens to them. I love wearing my chambray shirt with more formal pants to keep things more casual without taking away any professionalism in my look.



Top: Uniqlo || Bottoms: Madewell || Accessories: Stradivarius belt (old, similar here), Kate Spade necklace (old, similar here) || Shoes: Blondo Nova

We were expecting more rain so here I am with my waterproof Blondo booties again. I am wearing my favorite rayon blouse from Uniqlo and my high-waisted jeans. This day was all about preparing for big meetings for Thursday so Wednesday was my “get things done” day. I really love how these high waisted jeans look!!


Top: H&M shirt, H&M cardigan || Bottoms: LOFT (old, similar here) || Accessories: Kate Spade necklace (old, similar here), Warby Parker Durand frames || Shoes: J.Crew Factory

This was a day of meetings so I dressed smartly for the occasion. I tend to wear flats on days like this because I know I’ll be on my feet all day so I took out my Edie flats to be paired with my current favorite type of pant - the paper bag waist! Even better that my pair are cropped at a flattering length.


Top: J.Crew (old, similar here) || Bottoms: J.Crew toothpick jeans || Accessories: Warby Parker Durand frames, Kate Spade necklace (old similar here) || Shoes: Madewell Gemma mules

Fridays are my telecommuting days so this is what I wore to “work.” I like to get dressed in the morning, even if I don’t have to physically be anywhere because it makes em feel productive. I recently got these mules that have been on my wishlist on Poshmark for a markdown! I LOVE them and they’re super comfy and seriously go with everything!

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