October Bullet Journal Setup

Pumpkin Autumn theme Bullet Journal

I think I say this every month but this may be my favorite theme I’ve ever done! For someone who convinced themselves they are not artistic, I think I did a pretty great job! I went with a general pumpkin and fall leaves theme and I cannot be happier with how it all turned out so I’m super excited to share my bullet journal setup with you for the month of October.

Cover page

October Pumpkin Autumn Bullet Journal

This cover page took me a couple of days to think and play around with before I got it right. I decided to watercolor paint the pumpkin in the middle. This made me a lot more nervous than it really should have though. I ended up sketching it out and erasing it several times before I got it right. Then I lightly sketched a circle around it and drew out foliage, pinecones, berries, and acorns for a Fall-themed wreath and colored it in with a combination of Crayola Supertips markers and Tombow Brush Pens. The pumpkin ended up drying a bit lighter than the color I originally painted with (comes with the territory when painting with watercolors) so I outlined it with a burnt orange colored marker. I really love the way it turned out!


October Pumpkin Autumn Bullet Journal calendar

My Monthly Spread is a bit boring and looking back, I should have drawn some falling leaves or something. Oh well, there’s still time to do so. Maybe I’ll draw a pumpkin on the bottom left corner.

habit tracker and monthly goals

October Pumpkin Autumn theme bullet journal Habit Tracker and Monthly Goals

I pretty much used the same habit tracker format from last month because I LOVED it so much! Pretty much the same deal with the Monthly Goals page. Something that is different is that instead of writing out the title of the page in large calligraphy, I’ve been writing it out smaller in the middle with on-theme doodles. I really love it as it gives the page a cleaner look. My guiding word of the month is ADAPTABLE

Expense tracker and brain dump

October Pumpkin Autumn Bullet Journal theme

Same deal with the expense tracker and brain dump. Not much has changed for me here.

weekly spread

I’m pretty

October pumpkin autumn bullet journal weekly spread

I realize this isn’t the most exciting of weekly spreads but I am loving my handlettering here. It’s basically calligraphy but not cursive, if that makes sense? I love the cutesy look it gives my spread.

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