Winter 2019 10x10 Challenge: Outfits and Recap

Winter 2019 10x10 Challenge

I made it for ten days!

In case you forgot, I accepted the Winter 10x10 Challenge. This wardrobe challenge requires the acceptor to pick any ten pieces in their closet for their capsule wardrobe to create ten different looks in ten days. The details of this challenge can be found here. This was started by Lee from Style Bee. I recommend checking out her blog and her previous 10x10 challenges if you would like to do this too.

As a reminder, these were the pieces I was working with:

My capsule wardrobe

Sézane Nicky Jumper
Zara jeans
Blondo Nova booties
ASOS plaid blazer
Everlane Cashmere sweater
Tradlands Modern Fisher's Sweater
Sézane High Gabriella boots
Madewell 9-inch rise jeans
J.Crew chambray shirt
Everlane shirt



  • ASOS plaid blazer (old, similar here)



Ready to see what I came up with? Here we go!

Day One

Winter '19 10x10 Challenge Day 1

Top: Sezane Nicky jumper, ASOS blazer || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: Angela Roi bag, Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: Sezane boots

Day two


Top: Tradlands sweater || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: REI beanie, Warby Parker glasses, Kate Spade necklace, Dagne Dover bag || Shoes: Blondo

Day Three


Top: Everlane sweater || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: Dagne Dover bag|| Shoes: Blondo

Day Four


Top: Everlane oxford shirt || Coat: GAP || Bottoms: Zara jeans || Accessories: Dagne Dover bag, Warby Parker glasses || Shoes: Sezane boots

Day Five


Top: J.Crew chambray shirt, Tradlands sweater || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: Warby Parker glasses || Shoes: Blondo

Day Six


Top: J.Crew chambray shirt, ASOS blazer || Bottoms: Zara jeans || Accessories: Angela Roi bag|| Shoes: Blondo

Day Seven


Top: Everlane sweater, Everlane oxford shirt || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: Angela Roi bag, Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: Sezane

Day Eight


Top: Sezane sweater (worn backwards) || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: Madewell Small Transport tote, Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: Sezane

Day Nine


Top: Everlane sweater || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: Kate Spade bag || Shoes: Sezane

Day Ten


Top: J.Crew chambray shirt || Bottoms: Madewell jeans || Accessories: Kate Spade || Shoes: Blondo

My Takeaways

What I learned

I’ve always been intimidated by capsule wardrobes but when I found out about this challenge, I thought, “I can do it for ten days, definitely.” While the brevity of the challenge definitely helped, I did have to get a lot more creative than I thought I would. I actually really enjoyed this challenge and it really made me think about how I would wear the same pieces in many different ways. I found myself being surprised by my own creativity on certain days and it gave me new outfit inspiration. I even thought of extending this challenge to the rest of the month! I’ve always thought of capsule wardrobes as limiting but I’ve learned that they’re actually pretty freeing in some ways. You only have so many pieces to choose from, just pick and go! It was so different from the mornings I would be paralyzed with indecision about my outfit because I had too many options. I think I also was able to pinpoint my style through this challenge as well because of what I ended up gravitating towards and what looks I ended up disliking. Speaking of which…

My favorite outfits:

I really loved my outfits for days one, four, and eight. I think I love the simplicity and the clean lines. Through this realization, I think I can now describe my style as classic and simple.

My Least favorite outfits:

Personally, I didn’t particularly love my outfits on days five and seven. What do they have in common? They’re both a sweater-over-shirt look. I think the oversized-look of the sweater did not make for the best layering look as it just made me feel kind of frumpy.

A few tips…

If you’re thinking of trying out this challenge for yourself, I would recommend that you really take the weather into consideration. I picked out my pieces before finding out that we would be hit with a snow storm. Luckily we didn’t get too much snow so my duck boots were unnecessary but I really should have checked the weather ahead of time. I also recommend checking your schedule for any formal events so you can prepare your capsule wardrobe for that too. Regarding laundry, I know this may sound gross but I didn’t have to wash these clothes until after maybe the third wear. I honestly don’t sweat that much (especially in the winter) and I never needed deodorant (look up Korean genetics and deodorant. According to science, almost all Koreans have a gene that doesn’t produce the bacteria that creates body odor!) so I was able to go a few wears before washes. If you don’t have genetics on your side, prepare to wash your clothes a lot more often.

Have you tried this challenge? Would you do it? What were your favorite outfits? Let me know in the comments!