November 2019 Bucket List


I’ve missed a few of these bucket list posts due to just being so busy! I have a BIG life change that’s going to happen soon. I know I sound like one of those annoying bloggers that alludes to news but I do have a big hint on what it’s about over on my Instagram… that’s all I can say for now.

Here are some things I want to do in November:

  • finally finish crocheting my throw

    I have been working on crocheting a large throw since last winter. I’m halfway there but I didn’t really want to pick it up at all last summer and part of Fall because it’s been so hot! Now that it’s colder, I think I’m more motivated to finally finish it!

  • Mull Apple Cider

    Mulled apple cider is my jam and Brian and I drink it every year! I’m excited to put some in a mug and drink it in the crisp autumn air.

  • Get to know a new family member

    This is related to the future surprise but there will be a new family member joining me soon! Details will be coming to the blog on Monday but be sure to follow my Instagram if you want to know what it is on Friday! Speaking of family…

  • Spend Thanksgiving with my Family

    Brian and I made plans already to visit my parents in South Carolina for Thanksgiving. We don’t have a traditional Thanksgiving, but we do have our own family traditions which is to make dumplings! It’ll be Brian’s first Thanksgiving with us so I’m excited to see how he does making dumplings!

  • Read at least 4 books

    My reading has slowed down considerably the last few months and I’m looking to pick it right back up. I’m WAY over my original reading goal of reading 50 books (I’ve read 79 books as of writing this) but I now kind of want to make it an even 100 books by the end of the year now.