February 2019 Bucket List and Shopping Ban One Month Update

February 2019 Bucket List

I both can’t believe that it’s already February and also felt that it couldn’t have come soon enough! Is it just me or did January feel really long?

Before I jump into my bucket list for the month, I really want to take a moment to talk about my shopping ban and give you guys an update on how it’s going. If you didn’t know already, I am doing a year-long shopping ban. I’ve listed my rules and exceptions on how this would work on this post here. I really recommend you read that first before you read this post.

It’s been one month since I started and to be honest, I really struggled the first two weeks! Since I knew this was something I wanted to do since November of last year, I actually went on a shopping binge the last two months of 2018. Going from buying anything I wanted, sometimes in excess, to quitting shopping cold turkey was really hard. I feel like there were so many sales happening and a lot of bloggers I follow were highlighting some of their favorite sales too. I will admit, I bought one thing this past month but it fell into my “exceptions” category - I only have one pair of work flats that just completely fell apart in the soles, making them unusable. I decided to replace them (as stated in my rules, I can replace items that are unusable). This then actually ended up stressing me out a bit. Because I can’t just go out and buy anything I want to at any time anymore, it really made me think long and hard about what shoe brand at what price point and where I would buy my replacement. I ended up going on Poshmark and buying a pair of Nisolo flats. I’ve been wanting a pair of Nisolo shoes for a while because they’re an ethical company and buying them on Poshmark would mean they came pre-loved making it a more sustainable (and economical) purchase. I’m glad that my purchases have become more mindful and it’s something I want to make sure I keep with me after this ban is over.

I did sort of beat myself up over the purchase though. When I bought my flats, I felt like a failure who couldn’t even last one month in the shopping ban! I had to remind myself that this was okay because I wasn’t adding anything new to my closet. Still, I did feel guilty about it. I’m hoping this feeling will carry over into the rest of the year so I can make sure I don’t really break my ban! I also made sure to list my purchase in my list of pieces bought this year in my bullet journal! I want to keep this list as short as possible. I only gave myself one page but I don’t want to fill it up at all.

After the initial two weeks though, it got a LOT easier. I remember reading an article by Ann Patchet about her shopping ban. She noted that there were times she really felt like she wanted something but after waiting it out a few days, her feeling of needing it went away. I think that’s what happened to me and I’m hoping it will get even easier in the year.

Okay! Now, onto my bucket list:

  • Send Jen a Galentine’s Day Gift

    My best friend and I have been sending gifts to each for Valentine’s for years and this year will be no exception. I feel like there’s always a huge focus on romantic love on Valentine’s day but I happen to believe that V-day is for celebrating love in your life in all forms - the love you have for your family, your romantic partner, and your friends!

  • Celebrate my sixth blogiversary

    I can’t believe I’m writing this but I am celebrating my six-year anniversary on the blog this year! I can’t believe this little corner on the internet I started on a whim has made it this far!

  • Celebrate my third Anniversary with Brian

    I am also celebrating an anniversary with my boyfriend! I actually met him on Valentine’s day (yes, I know, We are that gross couple who met on Valentine’s day) at a mutual friend’s birthday brunch and we’ve been dating ever since.

  • Celebrate Lunar New Year

    This year is the year of the pig (my brother was born in the year of the pig) and as a Korean, I’m ready to have all the traditional fixings! Also, DC’s Chinatown is having a festival of sorts and I’m excited to see it!

  • See Richard III at the Shakespeare Theater

    I love having season tickets to the Shakespeare theater because it gives me and Brian a few built-in date nights throughout the year. This month, we will be seeing Richard III and I am quite excited! I feel like Shakespeare’s history plays are really underrated so I’m eager to see how they interpret this one!