How My Millenny Brera Tote Gets Me Through the Day

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Millenny Brera Tote

I don’t blog full-time. I actually have a day job working at a trade association here in Washington, DC in an advocacy setting. My weekdays consists of lugging my work laptop to the office in the morning, having lunch and coffee meetings with contacts, and sometimes going to networking happy hours in the evening. I’m always in search of any product that will help make my work life easier.

Enter: Millenny’s Brera tote.

Millenny’s team reached out to me last month regarding their Brera tote and it almost seemed too good to be true. This tote bag comes with a detachable laptop case AND a clutch wallet, streamlining all the things you need in your day in one bag!



Is it too good to be true? I took this bag out for a spin for a week. Allow me to walk you through a day in my life and how my Millenny Brera tote helps me stay productive and on top of things!

Work day

I get to work at around 8:30 in the morning - about a half hour before anyone else gets in. This time is for me to get organized and figure out what to prioritize throughout my day so I always make sure to carry a bag that will not only carry my work laptop but also my bullet journal, and wallet. Because the Millenny tote is roomy, it not only fits all of these items, it keeps them all organized with room to spare… for things like my water bottle or coffee mug! I’ve also had work days where I need to come into the office for a bit before I head to the airport for a work trip. The bag has a handy dandy back pocket zipper that serves two functions - a pocket for when the bottom zipper is closed, and an attachment on top of your suitcase when the zipper is unzipped! The tote also has adjustable straps, making it convenient for anyone at any height (especially a shortie like me!). Just unclip the studs on one side and slide it to the length you like!

The bag is made of leather and it comes in four different colors. I love my navy tote for the gorgeous, rich, yet neutral color. I’ve received so many compliments on it!

Millenny Brera Tote
Millenny Brera Tote

Change in Venue…

Inside the bag is a laptop sleeve with clips on one side so it doesn’t move around too much while inside the bag. It also serves as a way to keep my bag organized, giving me easy access to everything in my tote.

Most days, I get asked to grab coffee at a café nearby for a coffee meeting outside of the office. I work in an open office plan so this is a way to give us a break from one place and go outside as well as getting some privacy for whatever it is we need to discuss. For these meetings, I like to take out just the detachable laptop sleeve and head out. The laptop bag comes with a strap that I use on and off but it’s adjustable, like the tote bag. The sleeve itself is the only part of the bag not completely made of leather as it partially nylon. It can comfortably fit my 13’ Macbook and it has pockets in the front for other things like business cards or a pair of headphones.

Millenny Brera Tote
Millenny Brera Tote

Happy Hour

Last Friday, I had a coworker who was leaving and we had a goodbye happy hour party for him at a bar. I didn’t feel like taking my whole tote with me so I pulled out the detachable leather clutch wallet. After a quick outfit change, I just pull out the wallet that is attached to a pair of studs inside the tote. It can comfortably fit all my credit cards, driver’s license, Smart Trip Metro card, and my iPhone 7 (with Pop Socket). No need to lug a giant bag for happy hour! Bring your clutch and leave your tote at home!

Millenny Brera Tote
Millenny Brera Tote

Final Thoughts

I initially hesitated getting this bag when I first saw it because I have a Dagne Dover Classic Tote which boasts a similar concept of an organized tote, though without the detachable pieces like the Millenny Brera. As you guys may know, I’ve made a conscious decision to move my wardrobe towards a more sustainable one. Even though I loved the idea of an all-in one bag, since I had a somewhat similar bag, I thought getting the Millenny Brera tote would be redundant. I asked about their manufacturing process and I found that unlike with Dagne Dover, they’re so much better at maintaining sustainable manufacturing practices! All of their products are made of leather (apart from the laptop sleeve that is partially nylon, as state before), and they only use stock leathers instead of making special orders just for them. They plan on launching other small travel products to avoid waste during productions as well!

When I got the Millenny tote in the mail, I immediately noticed a huge difference between it and my Dagne Dover: The Millenny Brera is significantly lighter than the Dagne Dover and I can already tell after only a week with it that I’m never going back. The light weight of the Millenny Brera is a selling point for me because when you’re already carrying heavy things in your bag like a laptop, you don’t want the bag itself to add unnecessary weight to what you have to carry! I got so many compliments from my friends, coworkers, and even strangers admiring the soft leather and the high quality.

Millenny Brera tote

The bag retails for $330 and I would say it is worth every penny. I was also told that Millenny is committed to supporting girls’ education! They are planning on joining a women’s charity in the coming weeks. As some of you may remember, my boyfriend Brian works at a non-profit that supports girls’ education in developing countries. I talked about it a little in a previous post on World Refugee Day. When they told me about this aspect of their mission, it obviously struck a chord with me and I hope it does for you too!

What are some pieces that help you stay productive through the day?

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