Valentine's Date Ideas

Valentine's day date ideas

I feel a bit awkward writing this post because to be honest, I’m not really the most romantic person. I love spending time with my boyfriend and I tend not to care where we do it as long as we’re both having fun and feeling safe. A Netflix and Chill date would be a perfectly acceptable Valentine’s date for me, but not everyone would agree with me there, including my boyfriend who is, in fact, a romantic guy and likes to treat V-day as something special. Shame his romanticism is wasted on me!

To be better at appreciating what he does, I have compiled a list of a few date night ideas for you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner or even your best friends to celebrate the night of love. I have said this before and I’ll say it again: I don’t believe Valentine’s day is a time to celebrate only your romantic love. It’s a time to celebrate all love in any form, including the love you feel for your family and friends!

Without further ado, here are a few things you can do if you’re strapped for ideas:

  • Go to a winery or brewery in your city

    I’m always down for a winery or brewery tour any day so why not make it special and go for Valentine’s day? I’m lucky to live in Washington, DC where we have quite a few wineries, breweries, and even distilleries we can visit and eat a nice meal at. In fact, Brian and I even have a ticket for a free meal at a local winery that we won at a raffle. If that’s not an excuse to go, I don’t know what is.

  • Indoor picnic

    Who wants to have a picnic when it’s cold outside? Nobody! It’s hard to get dressed up and look nice to go out in the freezing temperatures, so stay indoors and pack a picnic! Brian and I used to do this in the early days of our relationship. It was easy to look cute in my dresses and bare legs when I knew I was going to be home. Plus, you don’t even have to dress up! You can wear comfy pajamas. Plus - no ants to steal your food either!

  • Take a cooking lesson together

    This is something I’ve always wanted to do but learning a new skill with someone is always fun. I’ve wanted to take a class on making a few Italian dishes. Culinaerie, a school here in DC, offers a course called “Taste of Charleston” where you learn to make a whole meal of Charleston, SC-inspired foods!

  • Go to a speakeasy

    I have been to exactly two speakeasies in my life and both times I felt so cool even being there… which pretty much makes it obvious I’m definitely not cool enough to be there haha. If you want to have a night to walk on the “wild” side, book a speakeasy date night. They’re so much fun!

  • Spa Day

    Who doesn’t like a spa day? Pamper yourself and your date by either going to a real spa or doing an at-home spa! Go for a splurge if you’re willing to spend extra bucks but also know that there are spas that are more affordable too. Spa World in Centreville, VA has admission prices of $40 if you’re nearby. Or, just do it all yourself and pull out your fancy sheet masks and give each other back rubs!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Let me know in the comments!