What I Wore This Week Vol. 6

I had a really quiet week. Brian went to Amsterdam with his mom on Wednesday so I was able to have some alone time which I desperately needed. I think I was feeling tired still from all the socializing I had to do for my work conference and I didn’t have adequate time to really recover. I spent all weekend alone, running errands, binging my Netflix shows, or catching up on some reading that I’ve definitely neglected. It was heaven. It’s not that I don’t like hanging out with friends or spending time with Brian (because I obviously do like both), as an introvert, I really need me time. Brian’s coming back on Monday and I’m excited to see him again, obviously, but I’ve definitely savored my time alone.


Everlane cashmere sweater Aritzia pants, Angela Roi Eleanor Satchel Zara heels

Top: Everlane || Bottoms: Aritzia || Accessories: Angela Roi Eleanor satchel, Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: Zara

This outfit will be something you see soon - it’s an upcoming OOTD that will be featured here on the blog! Despite the formal look of this outfit, the pants are super comfortable!



Top: J.Crew || Bottoms: Uniqlo || Accessories: Kate Spade necklace, Starbucks mug || Shoes: Nisolo



Top: BP || Bottoms: Everlane || Accessories: Kate Spade necklace, Hydroflask || Shoes: Nisolo



Top: Sézane || Bottoms: H&M || Shoes: Nisolo



Top: Uniqlo || Bottoms: Madewell || Accessories: Warby Parker Durand glasses, Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: J.Crew



Top: Uniqlo || Bottoms: Everlane || Accessories: Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: Everlane



Top: H&M || Bottoms: Forever 21 || Accessories: Kate Spade necklace || Shoes: Sperry

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