April 2019 Bucket List and Shopping Ban 3 Month Update


I feel like January was yesterday and now we’re already in the Spring Season!

Today I wanted to give you a quick update on how my shopping ban is going before I jump into my bucket list for the month of April. In case you’re new around here or missed the post where I explained how I would be doing a shopping ban for the entire year of 2019, I strongly recommend you read this post here on my reasoning for doing this and what my rules for this ban are to get a better sense of what I’m talking about.

On April 1, I will have officially been on this shopping ban for three months. Some days are easier than others. I think I struggled initially, but then things got better and I didn’t feel that compulsive need to shop for clothes and such. However, once Spring arrived and the weather started to look up, it was so tempting not to want to buy new dresses or buy into trends for the warm weather. I live in Washington, DC and I walk past shops all the time. Even though I am trying to stay committed to sustainable living (at least in this particular way) and not buy from brands that I know aren’t sustainable or ethical with their manufacturing practices, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ever tempted. I came really close to breaking my shopping ban at one point when I got a notification from Poshmark saying something I had “liked” had dropped in price. I didn’t need said item but I quickly saw how my mind would rationalize it and say that I was indeed replacing that with something I threw out (an exception that I did make in my list of rules). I snapped out of it when I had a phone call with my mom later that day. She said my brother (who is teaching English in South Korea at the moment) is currently on a teacher’s strike because his boss hadn’t paid him in three months (which is most definitely illegal) so he’s having a rough time. I realized, I could be using the money I spent on clothes to help my family member who really needs it right now. I quickly wired him some money to help him with his grocery shopping needs. I realized that if I’ve managed to live my whole life without that Poshmark piece, well, I could continue to live without it and my life won’t fall apart.

I’m happy to announce that the only things I spent money on this month were groceries and eating out after I got my tax return. I did also buy something called Mavala Stop for my nails because during my work conference, I realized I would stress-bite not only my nails but my cuticles. I’ve had a really bad nail-biting habit since I was a kid I felt that now may be a good time to devote to breaking it - self-improvement FTW! Mavala Stop, when applied to the nails, creates a really awful-taste to your fingers that prevent you from putting your mouth on them. It’s non-toxic and safe to consume (it just tastes like death, though you won’t actually die from it :). That is honestly the only non-essential purchase I’ve made the last three months!

I know there will be more temptations, especially in the summer, but I think I need to remember that if I haven’t needed it this long in my life, I won’t suddenly need it now.

Ok, now on to the bucket list:

  • Visit Two Smithsonian Museums I’ve Never Been to

    One goal I’ve had for a while now is to visit all of the Smithsonian museums in DC. I’ve been to the big ones like the Air and Space and Natural History, but there’s still quite a lot i haven’t been to. I want to go to the Postal Museum and the Archives Museum which is sort of a travesty because I used to work right across the street from the National Archives!

  • Finish Crocheting my Blanket

    If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a giant throw that I’ve been crocheting lately (and also, people seem to keep mistaking knitting and crocheting but they are NOT the same thing!) I bought a ton of yarn so I’ll be sure to finish the throw!

  • Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival

    I absolutely love seeing the cherry blossoms in April and I’m really excited for the Festival this year! I also used to love going to the Sakura Matsuri festival in college and I kind of want to go again

  • Read read read!

    I was thrown off my reading schedule in March because of my work conference. The good news is that I’m over halfway done with my reading goal of the year to read 50 books (I’ve read 30 books so far - only 20 more to go!) but I did read significantly less this month than I did the first two months of 2019 when I really hit the ground running! I’m hoping to read at least five more books in April!

What are some things on your bucket list for April?