Coffee Chat Vol. 46


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  • I started reading The Protector of the Small series! I love re-living my adolescence and falling in love with these characters again.

  • My friend recommended Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks and I recently started it.

  • I’ve been wanting to watch Brooklyn but not before I finish the book.

  • I got off the waiting list for The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory and it’s so cute!


  • I just discovered Dôen and am obsessed with this amazing, ethereal and vintage designs (all sustainable too). How gorgeous is this dress??

  • It’s about to be swimsuit season soon and I’m loving all the gorgeous swimsuits from Albion Fit (also an ethical, woman-owned company)

  • Reformation jeans are the best. I’m kind of wishing I could but these Julia jeans

This Week I…

  • …am meeting with the lovely Dana!

  • … bravely went to the dentist and found I have to get my wisdom teeth removed. >_<