Coffee Chat Vol. 50


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Currently Reading

  • I just got off the waitlist for Squire - the third book in the Protector of the Small series!

  • I recently started reading There are No Grown-Ups and it’s strangely relatable.

  • I finished Unqualified by Anna Faris. I love her podcast and her so this was a fun read!

  • The Proposal is next on my reading list. I LOVED The Wedding Date so I’m excited for this one!


This Week I…

  • …am playing hostess to Brian’s parents who are visiting DC this weekend!

  • …am laying poolside because my apartment finally opened up our pool!

  • …went to see a DC United exhibition match against Spain’s Real Betis!

  • …finally hit my reading goal of 50 books… 7 months early!! I’m on a roll!