June 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

June 2019 Bullet Journal Setup Pineapple Theme

Brian’s mom and I are hardcore bullet journalers. We both love getting organized and being productive. For June’s bullet journal setup, I’m proud to say I worked on it with her side by side! Crystal is definitely more about efficiency than I am and I completely acknowledge that all of the pretty designs, calligraphy, and colors I use can be considered excessive. However, I honestly enjoy making my planning spaces look pretty and it’s really therapeutic for me so I make time for it. If you’re not into that, you can definitely create a bullet journal spread that is not as elaborate or as colorful as mine of course, but I make these bullet journal posts for those who are up for a bit of a challenge or are in need of spread or theme ideas!

Cover page

June 2019 bullet journal setup pineapple theme cover page

As you guys can see, this month’s theme is pineapples! I really love this fruit and its tropical flavor seemed to be a great idea for the month. I first drew a pineapple in the center and wrote out “June” on another piece of paper and cut it out and glued it to the middle of the pineapple. I am really loving the way it turned out and the pop-out effect! I found a washi tape with pineapples on it to use as a monthly marker on the side as well. I’ll definitely be using that on my weekly spreads in the future as well!


June 2019 bullet journal setup pineapple theme calendar page

I used two accent colors this month - the brownish orange for the body of the pineapple and a green for the stem. I added drop shadows onto each date box and drew pineapples all over. Looking back, I wish that I put in a quote in place of the large pineapple on the left side of the page under my social media tracker but it’s too late now. Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

Habit Tracker and expense tracker

June 2019 bullet journal setup pineapple theme habit tracker and expense tracker

I went back to the drawing board when it came to both of my trackers this month. For the habit trackers, as much as I love the look of individual trackers, I just didn’t want to deal with the hand cramp that came from writing all the dates down nine times in a row. You may remember this particular type of habit tracker as one I used to use often last year. It’s easy to create and easy to track so I went back to that… at least for this month.

Same with my expense tracker. I decided to be experimental with my expense tracker last month, only to realize I just ended up never using it because I think I confused myself on how it would work. I just like this simple easy layout. No fuss, no muss!

Weekly spread

June 2019 bullet journal setup pineapple theme weekly spread

Apparently I’m pretty boring this month because this is probably the same kind of spread I use all the time. I can’t help it. I find this spread easy to use and easy to draw and it has everything I need - a space to track my goals, my social media growth, a few reminders and space to write my blog posts for the week.