September 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

I’m so super excited for this month! September is the best month of the year, in my humble opinion. Fall is my favorite season and September is the start of the Fall season. September is also my birth month so that’s always exciting, obviously. Something about the air in September just feels different and fresh. I decided to do something different for my bullet journal as well in the spirit of this change - I tried my hand at doodling animals, something I’ve really hesitated on because I am not confident in my drawing abilities. However, with lots of Youtube and Pinterest tutorials, I think I’ve managed to pull it off this month and I’m really excited to show you guys the fruits of my labor!

Cover Page

September Bullet Journal Fox theme

As you can see, this month, I decided to do a fox and autumn leaves theme for September! I’m not particularly a good artist but I found some fox doodle tutorials on Pinterest and I found them easy to follow. I am obviously not doing a super realistic fox, definitely more on the doodle-cartoon side, but I really like how it turned out!


September Bullet Journal Fox theme

I continued the theme in my calendar page and doodled a sleeping fox on the bottom right. Other than the theme, this spread hasn’t changed at all. but I did think that perhaps next month, I’ll have the calendar start on the left side instead of the right. What are your thoughts?

Habit Tracker and Expense Tracker

September Bullet Journal Fox theme

After experimenting with different kinds of habit trackers, I think I know now what works best for me. Ditto the expense tracker. This isn’t to say that I won’t ever experiment with these two spreads in the future but for now, I do like knowing what I’m getting with these two trackers. The individual habit trackers are pain in the butt to draw out but I honestly find it easier for me during the month to keep track of than when I did a combined tracking spread.

Weekly Spread

September Bullet Journal Fox theme

I’m really loving how my fox doodle gets incorporated throughout the month and I think there are so many ways to get creative with this theme this month! For the first week, I kept the spread quite simple save one fox doodle on the side. Next week, I know I’ll incorporate foxes and foliage more!

What did you think of the spread? Do you bullet journal? If so, what is your theme for September? Let me know in the comments!