Product Review: Glossier Boy Brow

I am low-maintenance when it comes to my brows. I was blessed with good genes when it comes to excess body hair and therefore I've never plucked, tweezed, or did anything to my brows in my life. In fact, all of my photos until the last two months feature me sans brow makeup. 
As bold brows are becoming more and more of a trendy makeup look, I wanted to try upping my brow game. I tried to use a pencil but as a brow makeup newbie I had no idea what I was doing and I ended up looking like I had Sharpied my brows in. Not attractive. 
I stumbled upon Glossier's Boy Brow in my quest to find the perfect brow product for someone like myself. They promised easy application and a natural-looking finish which are two things I absolutely wanted.

Packaging: The packaging of this product is very simple and clean. I happen to like the minimalist design and the small size. In terms of the brow wand itself, It's incredibly easy to use which is perfect for a brow newbie like me! It's funny because the wand does a great job of picking up exactly the right amount of product without me having to scrape excess off the side of the tube. It's also small so it's great for getting all the small details of my brow hairs. 5/5

Formula: Consider me a Boy Brow convert because I was sold! I was initially scared of the dark black brow shade. Lots of makeup Youtube videos have told me that black haired girls should get a softer brown color for their brows but Glossier's site told me I should stick with their black. I was incredibly pleased to see upon my very first application Boy Brow made my brow hairs look slightly thicker in a very natural way. I'm actually surprised (and not quite sure how) I've managed to not mess it up! The product also lasts all work day and wipes off with my waterproof makeup remover without much fuss. It's SO amazing! 5/5

Price: I don't have any other brow products to compare the price point of Boy Brow to. I got a free sample of a few other high end brow products that haven't worked nearly as well though. I loved the way it worked but like I said, the packaging is quite small and therefore not a lot of product. I paid $16 for it and it seems to be a bit on the high side of affordable. Still, this is a great product to have in your makeup stash. 4/5

Have you tried Glossier's Boy Brow? How did you like it?

Outtakes (Vol. 2)

Here's part two of my Outtakes series! As much as I try to post the best pictures, a lot of the photos I take I find unusable, mostly because I'm making a ridiculous face or my hair is a mess, etc. I do save some of my best (or worst depending on how you look at it) outtakes and I present them again to you:

Solo Date Ideas

As someone who's been in the workforce since 2012 and lived with roommates all of her adult life, getting a day completely to myself is rare. When I do get the occasional day off - and by that I mean no work obligations, no social engagements, not even blog responsibilities! - I like to treat myself to a solo date. I really think that spending time with yourself and treating yourself is incredibly important. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one so why not spend a day pampering yourself and getting to know yourself better? Here are some ideas:

My Year-Round Closet Essentials

I'm updating an old post today on some of my year-round essentials!
To be honest when I first wrote my old post I thought about some of the things other bloggers had been saying I needed and compared it to what I wore and adjusted the post accordingly. Today, I don't want to tell you guys what you need to have but I think a lot of you guys may find similarities in my list and what you guys wear on a daily basis. I'm listing these to help you guys if you are in need of an update to a classic item or if you guys are in the market for some of these things.

  • Chambray shirt: This piece has been a regular since the early days of my blog. I've made an update to the one I used to wear and bought a lighter-colored one for a great price at Forever 21. Quality-wise, I think it's great and it's certainly held up for the last three years! I found a similar looking one from F21 here but I also love the ever-popular ones by Madewell too. 
  • Plain white tee: I have bought several plain white tees from Forever 21 over the years and while they don't last the longest, they're certainly some of the softest! Even Brian has told me on occasion that my PWTs are the softest he's ever felt. Plus, at $4 a pop, you're not breaking the bank for them so why not give them a try?
  • Navy sweater: I'm a sweater aficionado, mostly because I'm always cold. I used to wear my Navy bow sweater religiously but I've moved on to the flowy peplum version by ASOS. This looks great paired with blue jeans or white jeans and I'm planning on pairing it with white shorts this season as well! 
  • Skinny blue jeans: I am all about spending more money on quality denim which is how I ended up at J.Crew and buying a pair of their toothpick jeans. Skinny jeans are a classic that flatter every body type (as long as you wear the right cut and size), and J.Crew makes the most flattering jeans ever. I've also bought a few jeans from H&M before as well and they're quite affordable and flattering too. 
  • Black pants: Another great piece by J.Crew unfortunately, they discontinued their Minnie pants but luckily their Martie pants are a great dupe. These pants are a work essential for me - I wear them all the time and they look great on the weekends too! 
  • Little black dress: I have since ditched my old Forever 21 LBD and switched to this classic, a-line silhouette number from Zara. I paid a bit more for this dress but I think it's worth it and I've found it to be incredibly versatile too -I've worn it to the opera, a Simchat Bat, and even to work. You can find great LBDs anywhere but some of my favorites are from White House Black Market, LOFT, and ASOS.
  • Black heels: These Zara heels are a classic - I love the pointed toes because they make my legs look longer (and at 5'3, I need all the height I can get). When getting a pair of black heels, make sure you like the toe and that the heel isn't too high for you. One way to tell if a shoe is too tall is to put it on your feet and try to stand on your tippy toes in them. If you can't stand with there being at least an inch of space between the heel of your feet and the shoe, it's too tall. 
  • Neutral flats: I raved about these flats from Butterfly Twists last winter and while I still love them, unfortunately the metal bow has since come off while I was walking. I re-glued it on with some superglue but for the price, I feel like that shouldn't have happened. That said, I do still like that these flats can fold up but Tieks also do the job (though at a higher price point). I also love that these flats have pointed toes (see point about making your legs look longer above). Charlotte Russe also has a great pair of pointed-toe flats for $14 if you want an even lower price point. 
  • Leopard pumps: I bought these shoes a few years ago from Sole Society and they still remain one of my favorite pairs. I've had to take them to the cobblers to get the heel fixed on one occasion but they're still elegant, classic, and versatile. I love the d'Orsay design and again, the pointed toes. While Sole Society no longer has these specific leopard heels in this design, the d'Orsay pumps in other colors are on sale now. If you need a leopard heel Kate Spade has a gorgeous one that's on sale now. 
What are some of your year-round essentials?

Currently... (Vol. 44)

Welcome to another post where I talk about some of the things I really enjoyed throughout the week! Is it just me or did this past week go by incredibly slowly? I walked into work on Tuesday thinking it was Thursday only to find out we had three more work days to go instead of one. Ugh.
Anyways, here are some of the things I loved this week:
  • Reading: Creative Lettering and Beyond - I have been interested in hand lettering for quite some time so I finally bit the bullet and bought the ever popular instructional book on it. It's very informative but I've found that I need a lot of practice. I'm not the most graceful artist but  I think this will be a fun hobby to pick up. 
  • Listening: Britt-Marie was Here - I love Frederik Backman novels so I decided to listen to the audiobook version of the spinoff to My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry. I find Britt-Marie to be simultaneously annoying and sympathetic and I love an author that makes me feel complicated emotions for a character like this. 
  • Wearing: Missha Safe Block - In my quest to convert all of my skincare goods to Korean Beauty products, I found myself in need of a sunscreen. I stumbled upon this one by Missha and I am seriously in love! This one doesn't leave a white cast like a lot of the other sunscreens I've used. It's also very moisturizing and gentle.
  • Watching: A Man Called Ove - I'm almost done with the Frederik Backman novel so I decided to watch the Swedish movie adaptation of it. I love it! Just like the book, this movie made me feel so many emotions. It made me laugh, cry, and want to call my grandmother (the only grandparent I have left). 
Thanks for reading!