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Handwriting Tag

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I've been writing this blog since 2013 but I have never really did a post about my handwriting! Longtime readers may have caught glimpses of it though (in posts like here and here). I actually really love writing things out and I've been told I have pretty decent handwriting. I saw a post by Yige on her handwriting which inspired me to find a handwriting tag to do. Here it is in all it's glory;
  • Name: Deborah
  • URL:
  • Blog Title: Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes
  • Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
  • Favorite bands/artists: Ingrid Michaelson, Norah Jones, The Wild Reeds, Beyonce, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Beck, Hall and Oates, Stromae, Supergrass, Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, Ed Sheeran
  • Favorite foods: (Korean) kimchi, galbi, bibimbap, bulgogi, Laotian, pizza (especially &Pizza), Chipotle, sushi, curry, doner kebabs, wasabi peas, mapo tofu
  • Favorite books: The Harry Potter series, American Gods, Matilda, Lolita, The Alchemist, The Little Prince, Bossypants, Anansi Boys, Stardust, Never Let Me Go

Ways to Boost Your Mood

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As positive as I try to be, some days it can feel like an uphill battle. Work stresses and personal stresses can really take a toll on me and all I want is something of a booster shot for my mood so I don't feel grumpy all the time.
Here are a few ways that have helped me cope through the bad times:
  • Listen to upbeat music: The fastest way to a better mood, at least for me, is to listen to fun music! I'll put on the "Mood Booster" playlist on Spotify and it really changes things! 
  • Read a 'comfort book': You know how some people have comfort food? I have comfort books - the kind of books I can read over and over and it never gets old. I could read any of the Harry Potter books, One More Thing, or the Alchemist all day, every day! They make me laugh and really feel things in a way that makes me feel good. 
  • Eat a bowl of fruit: I don't know about you but when I'm in a funk, I tend to either stress eat or eat because I'm bored which really starts adding the pounds. Lately I've been trying to keep my refridgerator stocked with healthy things like carrots and fruit (watermelon was a favorite this summer). That way, when I get the munchies, I won't feel so guilty while still feeling a whole lot better about myself. Let's face it: who doesn't feel good when they eat?
  • Watch the "Happy" documentary: I got really into documentaries a few years ago when I discovered one called Happy. I'm sure many of you have either heard or seen this but this movie seeks to find out why some people are "happy" and what makes a person happier than others. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It never fails to lift up my spirits! 
What are some things you do to get yourself out of a funk?

Snallygaster | High Waisted Shorts and Lace Up Flats

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12:00 PM
Top: Forever 21 || Bottoms: Forever 21 || Accessories: Kate Spade bag (similar here), Ray Ban sunglasses || Shoes: Zara (similar by ASOS)
Last weekend I went to a craft beer festival in Navy Yard called Snallygaster, named after a mythical beast that is said to lurk in Washington, DC. I had the most difficult time remembering the name of this event, though. I kept calling it "smelly-gasm" instead to the sound of pointed laughter. Lesson learned.
I wore this outfit as the weather was overcast but humid. I never know how to dress for days like this so I tried my best with these awesome high-waisted shorts and a simple long-sleeved shirt. The real kicker (pun not intended) were these flats, though - I got several compliments and a friend said, that they looked "classy and functional but badass!" I'm sold!

Thanks for reading!

Summer 2016 Favorites

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1:05 PM
Wow, summer just really few by, didn't it? I feel like it only just started and now we're approaching October! Yikes!

  • L'Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation: As cushion compacts become more and more popular, I decided to try a drugstore brand before investing in a high-end. I don't think I really need to, though, because this offers the perfect amount of coverage while giving my skin a gorgeous glow! I use the shade N3.5 and it's a "true match!" 
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: I went through two bottles of this this summer because not only do they make my lashes look sensational (ha!), they do not melt off my face in the humid east coast weather and stay on in dry California heat! LOVE!
  • Aveeno Hydrating Sunscreen: I find most sunscreens to be drying - not very good for me since I have very dry skin to begin with. I love this sunscreen as it feels like moisturizer.
  • Essie "Mint Candy Apple": This is an eternal summer favorite. I've loved this polish since Essie first came out with it and I always go back to it in the summer! I'm legit terrified that someday they might discontinue it. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they'll never do that.
  • Deborah Lippmann "Build Me Up, Buttercup": This is my very first Deborah Lippmann polish and I gotta say, I'm hooked! The color is such a gorgeous pastel shade that was absolutely perfect for the warm summer days. 
  • Formula X "Incandescent": I've never bought an orange color polish before. Coral, yes, but never orange. I love how soft and pastel-y this color is and it's surprisingly flattering on my skin tone. The formula is what really sold me. Only two coats to get it opaque and it's not streaky at all!

  • Forever 21 bodysuits: I thought that bodysuits were a thing of the past until I bought one - the idea of tops not riding up during the day was appealing to me. I now have three (they're breeding in my closet!) and I've managed to find a whole slew of ways to wear them! 
  • Sole Society Joesy: As I spend a large portion of my time surrounded by people much taller than me, I like to add a bit of height. I quite like shoes by Sole Society so I bought a pair of their Joesy sandals and they've been the best investment all summer! I fell head over heels for them (pun not intended... actually I take that back. Puns should always be intended!) I love the of the flexible straps and perfectly summery material. These have been super wearable for every day and the color goes with everything!
  • Forever 21 chambray shirt: I got so many wears out of this shirt - it’s so versatile and easy! Seriously, everyone should have a trusty chambray!
  • Big Sexy Hair Hairspray: Humidity turns my hair into a frizzy, flat mess. This hairspray protects my hair from getting too crazy! I really like how it smells too!
  • Mini Spin Pins: I don't know how I managed to do my hair without these in the past. Seriously, these are amazing. One spin pin does the work of 20 bobby pins! I stick two of these in my short hair bun and I don't readjust during the day. At all. No joke!
  • Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray: I always like having a texturizing spray of some sort in my hair. I've been using this Bumble and Bumble sea salt spray for years and it hasn't disappointed me yet! 
Movies, Books, TV
  • The Little Prince: I used to adore the book The Little Prince (I even used to have a planner with the book as the theme, seen here)! I was so excited when they had announced there would be a new movie version and that it would be out on Netflix! I highly recommend you guys check it out! It's a very family friendly film that's sure to warm everyone's heart.
  • Anansi Boys: I have officially entered the Neil Gaiman fandom (especially after reading American Gods). This book is a sequel to American Gods but it reads almost nothing like it! I had always heard that people who didn't care for American Gods loved Anansi Boys but I happen to be in the category of people who liked both. This book is so funny yet thrilling, and will keep you on the edge of your seat! 
  • Bachelorette: I have joined the Bachelor/Bachelorette train this summer! I never watched an episode of this popular reality series until this year but I got hooked because people kept commenting on how much of a character ‘Chad’ was. I can’t wait for the next season! 

What were some of your favorite things this summer? 

Another Candle | Floral Maxi and Tassel Earrings

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Dress: Forever 21 (similar here) || Accessories: Forever 21 earrings, Kate Spade bag || Shoes: Sole Society Joesy
Today is my birthday - I had to add another candle to my birthday cake and I'm still coming to grips with officially entering my *late* twenties. 

I celebrated with my friends on Friday and Brian took me out to a nice mussel dinner Saturday night. Finally, Sunday I celebrated with my family - Korean tradition dictates I'm to eat seaweed soup on my birthday so that is what I did! 
This morning, I got up earlier than normal and determined to start off my birth year right, I ran five miles at the gym! I felt great and hopefully, I'll make other good decisions this year regarding my health, job, personal life, etc. Here's to hoping!
Thanks for reading!

How I Edit My Instagram Photos

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My non-blogger friends think I'm crazy the way I go above and beyond for my Instagram photos. While most people snap from their phones and upload onto their feed, I have an entire process that involves computer editing (shout out to my blogger friends who are in the same boat!) If you are a beginner photographer and what to up your Instagram game, here are a few tips on editing that I'm happy to share with you:
  1. Take the photos with a quality camera and edit them on a computer first: I use a Samsung NX1100 and it takes very decent quality photos. It came with Photoshop Lightroom which I use to fix the lighting, add sharpness and vibrancy, etc. You don't necessarily need Photoshop though, I also happen to use Picmonkey a lot (and it's free!)
  2. Email it to yourself: I send the edited photo to my email. I'm sure there are other ways to get that photo to my phone but this is the best way I know how. If you have a better way, though, I'd love to hear it!
  3. Open up A Color Story app: I used to use VSCO but I've recently discovered A Color Story and it's been a game changer! They not only give you filters to use, but also effects like adding sunflares and bokeh! It's quite beautiful and it's free to download! 
  4. Post on Insta: That's it! Easy enough, right?
Do you have any tips on Instagram editing? Share them in the comments below!

Floraled | Wiggle Dress and Studded Heels

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Dress: ASOS || Accessories: Kate Spade bag, BCBGeneration bangle || Shoes: Sole Society Tiia pumps in 'Adobe'
I recently got this dress for work thinking the midi length would be perfect for an office setting. After I tried it on, I realized I probably couldn't wear this to work because the front of the dress comes up to my thighs! I figured I would save this dress for date nights though (and blogging of course). 
I think you guys can all guess if you've followed me for a while but I am really into floral print - doesn't matter the season or the weather floral prints all day for me! I think that's why I picked out this dress, despite the short hem in the front - that floral haze has me reaching for my wallet all the time!

What's your favorite print to wear?