My Fictional Crushes

As an avid reader, I tend to fall in love with fictional characters from books and I know I'm not alone (Mr. Darcy anyone??) Sometimes I think books have ruined my love life because no one in real life can measure up! Here are some of my fictional crushes that have skewed my expectation of what men should be (also to my boyfriend Brian - take note! 😉)

Winter 2016/2017 Favorites

Good riddance, winter - Spring is officially here! I have been so done with the cold, the snow, and the dry air that come with it. Even my outfit choices get difficult when the weather won't cooperate for blogging purposes. Let's hear it for Spring!!
To send off winter properly, I have collected a list of things that I really did enjoy this past season. I featured a lot of these items either in outfit posts or on social media so they shouldn't come as a surprise but I think this would be a good time to reflect on what I used so that going forth, I can keep this post in mind when I don't know what to wear, what to repurchase, etc. 

Spring 2017 Closet Essentials

Even though it's supposedly Spring, the past few days have felt only like the harshest of winters. We got a snowstorm and while it wasn't enough snow to close offices, it came with a biting cold that made going outside in any of my Spring clothes impossible. 
I'm hoping that with writing this post, I can passive-aggressively encourage Mother Nature to just Spring already! Here are a few things that I am planning to wear the crap out of once the weather starts to cooperate: