Coffee Chat Vol. 9

Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm planning on making a big change to this site soon so unfortunately, tomorrow will be the last post I'll have up until March 26. Not to fret, I'm hoping the changes I make will be enjoyable for all of you guys! Plus, I could really use a break. I've been on super hustle mode since January and even throughout my work conference and it's all starting to catch up to me. In any case, I hope you enjoy today's Coffee Chat! 

Sticky Notes Hacks

If there's one office product that I always make sure I have at hand, it's post-its. I have one in every color of the rainbow and then some! I have small ones for notetaking, big ones for lists, and medium ones for tasks in-between. I even have really pretty and expensive ones from Kate Spade and Band.o. Now, do I think everyone needs to have as many sticky notes as I do? Absolutely not. However, I do think that they can serve a bigger function than just writing notes to yourself (or passive-aggressive ones to your roommate). I have created a list of life hacks you can do with sticky notes! 

Work Conference Essentials

Dagne Dover what's in my bag

I've worked in two different trade associations in my career and I have about five years of work conferences under my belt. I've gone to conferences both as a host (as in my association is organizing the conference, not me by myself!) and as just a regular attendee and I can tell you that hosting is a LOT more exhausting than being an attendee. Hosting requires you to be on call almost 24/7.

So it's with this experience I write this post today about a couple things that you should keep on hand while either attending or hosting a conference. Let's face it - conferences can be long and arduous. My coworkers and I always say that a conference is a marathon and not a sprint. You need to take care of yourself for the entire duration of it, not just go all out one day and be tired for the next week.

Here are some of the things I recommend: