Product Review: Skin's Boni Yogurt Bonimini Wash Off Mud Pack

Disclosure: I received complimentary press samples products or services for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. I only ever accept products I truly love or believe in.

I'm always weary of trying non sheet masks because I find the long process of taking the mask off a lot more tiring than the benefits they tend to claim they provide. I was sent a few samples of these mud masks by Skin's Boni from 0.8 Liter and I thought it would be worth a try. Here are my thoughts: 

Coffee Chats Vol.1

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I've fallen off the wagon with "Currently" posts and part of the reason why is because they felt rather limiting and I put a lot of pressure on myself to write them.I usually sit down on Sunday mornings to write them but my Sunday mornings had been so stressful and busy I just didn't bother for the longest time.

So starting this year, I will be getting rid of my weekly "Currently" posts and replacing them with "Coffee Chats" instead!

What does this mean? Not much, really. I just didn't like the limiting way that I had to only talk about one thing I read that I liked, or something, when I wanted to share several things from the same category. With Coffee Chats posts, I can write about just a few things that peaked my interest in a sort of rambling-with-a-friend-over-coffee kind of way.

Here we go:

How I Weened Myself Off of Drinking Four Cups of Coffee Per Day

I realize this is a bit of an ironic post to write considering the name of my blog but I'm going to write this anyway: I made a decision to cut back on drinking coffee in the middle of 2017 and I haven't looked back. 

I made this decision because I was drinking far more coffee than was healthy - four to six cups a day with lots of cream and sugar is not good for anyone, not even a self-described coffee addict like myself! It all started when they turn on the air conditioning in the summer. I get so cold so I would make multiple trips to the coffee machine just to stay warm. Then comes the headaches the next day when I don't drink as much as I did the day before, and before you know it, I was addicted. 

Well, I was determined to get a handle on this addiction - I am a very independent person by nature and I don't like the idea of being dependent on any kind of substance, even if it is coffee. I wanted to control my addiction, not let it control me. 

After a few months, I went from drinking on average four cups a day to now four cups a week! That's right, I don't even drink coffee every day now! It was a grueling process but I'm now ready to talk about ways I cut back and tips on how to do it too if you're in the same boat as me: 

Book Club: The Run of His Life: The People vs. O.J. Simpson

The O.J. Simpson case is something that has always been so fascinating to me. I think most people now realize that with the evidence given, O.J. was guilty of what he was acquitted of. But while I knew that major part of the case, I never really knew any of the details, or even why most people were shocked that he was found not guilty. When I found this book at a little free library and saw that this is what the FX series was based off of, I immediately picked it up. I had already seen the FX series before so I was excited to delve into more details regarding the case and how the prosecution could have lost a case that should have been in the bag for them. 

Product Review: Eva Nyc Freshen Up Dry Shampoo and Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner

Disclosure: I received complimentary press samples products or services for this post. As always, all opinions are my own. I only ever accept products I truly love or believe in.

I have a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo. 

On one hand, I love the idea of a no fuss way to not wash my hair and be out the door quickly. On the other hand, I am so picky about dry shampoos. I like my Batiste dry shampoos but I hate the white residue it leaves on my black hair. I don't like the price tags on a lot of the other ones people on the internet recommend so I haven't tried them. Why is it so hard to find a good dry shampoo at a reasonable price point?

I was sent this dry shampoo by Influenster in their Tinsel Vox Box the night before I had to fly to California. I thought traveling would be a great time to test out this dry shampoo and conditioner system so I promptly packed these into my bag. I actually spritzed it into my hair the morning of my flight and let it take hold. I also used it quite a few times I was in California and a LOT since. Here are my thoughts: