The Panties, The Partner, and The Profit | Fisher's Sweater and Floral Midi

One thing that Brian and I have been doing since early in our relationship is get season tickets to see plays at the local DC Shakespeare theater. We went to see the next play of the current season called The Panties, The Partner, and the Profit, a three act play that was absolutely hilarious! We’re currently on our third season (and we’ll have been together for three years officially in February) but one thing I still have trouble with is how to dress up for it. The Shakespeare Theater isn’t like the Kennedy Center in that it’s not the most “dress to the nines” kind of place but we still treat theater nights like date nights so I don’t want to just go in jeans (although lots of other attendees do wear jeans). Finding a good date night casual look is always fun. I settled on this fisher’s sweater from Tradlands (a really awesome ethical company) with this lovely tulle skirt I got from Poshmark, originally from Aritzia!


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