Coffee Chat Vol. 21


We have had quite a rainy week here in DC and I, for one, am ready for some sunshine! I have been in super productive mode for blog-related work lately and got a TON of posts scheduled, partly due to the fact that rain and thunderstorms forced me to stay in.

ONE || Ivanka Trump is Shutting Down Her Fashion Line
...And I think it's about time. I had some serious issues with the fact that she was holding a government position while running her own business and wondering how it doesn't violate any ethics? I have a lot of friends with have government jobs without half as much power who aren't even allowed to run a blog with affiliated links, but she can run a whole business?? So many questions. 

TWO || Blondo Nova Waterproof booties
I don't generally post anything the Nordstrom Anniversary sale because it just wouldn't feel genuine to me. This is not me judging other bloggers for doing so or not doing so at all! I personally don't shop at Nordstrom all that much and I don't really believe in buying things just because there's a sale if you don't actually need anything because that's not how saving money works. Promoting a sale I generally don't shop at just for the commission just feels a bit sleazy so I don't promote it. BUT, I did get these one pair of booties from the sale because I did a massive shoe cleanout and found myself lacking any kind of ankle boot for the Fall. I like that these are waterproof, but they don't look rubbery, making them incredibly versatile!

THREE || Illustrated Guide to Iconic 90s Shoe Trends
This was a fun slide show to scroll through. Funny how some of those trends are still trendy now or have become classics! 

FOUR || How to Dress Above Your Pay Grade
You know the saying, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have?" Well what if you can't afford to dress for the job you want? Who What Wear did a great piece on what pieces of clothing to really spend your money on and where to save. It's a great article for the #bossbabes in all of us!

FIVE || 8 Instagram-Famous Beauty Products Worth The Hype
I'm a skeptic by nature and a pragmatist so I don't always buy into hype right away. It takes me a while to jump onto a trend so when I see people posting the same beauty products over, I probably won't buy it until maybe a few months later when no one is talking about it anymore. I find posts like this helpful so I know where to spend and save my money!

SIX || Demi Lovato
I was so sad to see "Demi Lovato" and "drug overdose" in the news this week. Refinery 29 wrote a piece on what really happened. Goes to show that addictions are a lifetime struggle, no matter what treatment or care you have in your life. I'm really rooting for her.