September 2018 Bucket List

September is my favorite month because (1) Autumn begins and the weather starts to cool, and (2), my birthday is this month! 

  1. Celebrate my birthday: My birthday is September 19! I'm not big on birthday bashes or parties though. There's a HUGE block party (or street party, more like) the weekend before and I think I'm going to invite a few friends to come by and hang out with me there.
  2. Go to DC Fashion Week: I got invited to see a show at DC Fashion Week. I'm pretty excited about it and I'm trying to find the perfect outfit for it and any and all suggestions are welcome
  3. Read two books cover to cover: I had a great reading month in August and I want to keep the momentum going by reading at least two books. 
  4. Go to the National Book Festival: This is hands down my favorite festival in DC - the Book Festival! I remember one year I went, Buzz Aldrin was there!